Witton Gilbert Primary School

Our Staff

Here is a list of our current staff structure and their roles/responsibilities.


Mrs P Nelson – Headteacher/Designated Safeguarding Lead/Inclusion Lead

Miss B Howells – Deputy Headteacher/SENCO

Mrs K Thompson - Curriculum and Assessment 

Teaching Staff

Mrs D Dickinson – Reception

Miss K Wallace – Year 1

Mrs V Hodgson – Year 2

Mr R Traves – Year 3

Mrs K Thompson – Year 4

Miss B Howells- Year 5

Mr D Burns – Year 6

Teaching Assistants

Mrs N Bailey

Mrs A Henderson

Mrs J Dubre

Mr I Hunter

Mrs S Ford

Mrs S Alvi

Mrs J Nattrass

Non-Teaching Staff

Mr P Brockman – School Business Manager

Mrs C Lofthouse – School Administrator

Mrs A Hart – Play Leader

Mr E Graham – Sports Coach

Support Staff

Mr G Cummings – Caretaker

Mrs D Walker – Cleaner

Mrs F Mudd – Cleaner

Mrs F Mudd – Supervisory Assistant

Mrs J Holmes  – Supervisory Assistant

Mrs K Bell – Supervisory Assistant

Mrs D Walker – Supervisory Assistant

Miss J Taylor – Supervisory Assistant

Mrs D Bradbury – Supervisory Assistant

Mrs F Mudd – After School Provision

Mrs A Hart – After school provision