Witton Gilbert Primary School


Outdoor Play and Learning (OPAL)

At Witton Gilbert Primary School we value the importance of nature and play in children’s development. We have an amazing outside space here and with the support of OPAL (Outdoor Play and Learning), we continue to improve and develop quality play for our children.

Our children experience freedom to play with a wealth of resources, accessible to all. A construction area, mud kitchen, digging mud pit and a quiet area are just a few of the areas where the pupils experience quality play; free to express their creativity.

Happier playtimes can also result in messy playtimes. We do encourage all children to bring a pair of welly boots to school as they will be able to access the fields and mud in all weathers. Their welly boots will be stored in the welly sheds (please print their names on the inside, thank you).

Play and lunchtimes are well resourced with a range of objects, dressing up clothes and scrap materials so that children can fire up their imaginations, be creative and develop problem-solving, teamwork and resilience – whilst having lots of fun! Here at Witton Gilbert Primary School, we are very lucky to have supportive parents who donate unwanted items and materials to us.

Your unwanted items could be our treasure such as pots and pans, wooden kitchen utensils, old curtains, shower curtains, plastic pots, tubes and bigger items such as tyres, electrical cable reels, keyboards, pallets….. the list is not exhaustive. We will be delighted with any contributions and thank you for supporting our wonderful play.

For further information about Outdoor Play and Learning please contact the school office.