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Witton Gilbert Primary School

Teaching, Learning and the Curriculum

Witton Gilbert Primary School is committed to excellence in education for all our children with SEND. Our aim is to see all our children with SEND achieve the best possible outcome. Futhermore, teachers will ensure that all pupils are equipped to reach their full potential.

Our Values

 We are an inclusive school that aims to respect and meet the needs of every child.

  • A parents' wish to have their child with SEN in Witton Gilbert Primary School will only be considered in the small minority of cases, where the  child's inclusion would be incompatible with the efficient education of other children.
  • We see all children as unique.  Our curriculum promotes the development of the whole child as confident, imaginative and independent learners who are able to face the future with resilience, creativity and enthusiasm.
  • We provide the highest possible standard of education through a focus on developing basic skills and a broad and balanced curriculum appropriate to each individual.
  • We provide wide ranging opportunities for pupils to access all areas of the curriculum in a variety of ways and take part in extra curricular activities.
  • We encourage the spiritual and moral development of each person, as well as their intellectual and physical growth.  We respect each child and their families and treat everyone with fairness.
  • We develop an understanding of the diverse world in which we live and respect for individuals, groups, cultures and nations.
  • A whole school ethos promotes a welcoming and caring environment as well as a consistent approach to rules and boundaries, is our first step in supporting children with SEND. Other types of support will include: individual reward systems, planned opportunities for teaching of explicit skills, supervision at playtimes and advice from external specialists.  



At Witton Gilbert Primary School we use our staffing team effectively to support pupils with additional needs.  Pupils who require additional support (in line with their EHCP/SEN support plans/teacher identified needs) have increased amounts of adult led or supported learning time which is provided by school.  For further information about this please contact   Mrs Nelson   SENCo or Mrs Dubre    SENCo Governor.


SEN Policy

Equality, Diversity and Cohesion Policy