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Witton Gilbert Primary School

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Sensational 6


Welcome to Year 6! We are all working super hard to succeed in our last year at Witton. In our class, we have Miss Howells, Miss Lockett, Mr Wilson and Mr Hunter working with us. We are leaping to success as one big crazy family. 

Long Term Plan


Medium Term Plan

Room 13

 Not only have we written fantastic chapters inspired by Robert Swindell's book Room 13, we have also written play scripts and acted them out. Below is an example of this.

Read All About It...

Here are some examples of adverts and newspaper reports inspired by some very useful Victorian inventions.

World War 2

So far, we have discussed the different causes for WW2 and organised the triggers in to the most and least important reasons for the war to start.

Eden Camp

On Tuesday 4th June, our Year 6 class from Witton Gilbert Primary School went on a stimulating adventure to Eden Camp, Modern History Museum. To ensure we had a long enough day of fun, our class arrived at school early at 8 o'clock ready for the bus at quarter past 8. The journey was long, approximately two hours, but it was worth it! The reason for this escape to Malton, North Yorkshire was to expand our knowledge on World War 2 as it had been our topic in class. 

Year 6 Media Team

 This half term, the Year 6 media team consists of Joe, Spencer, Lewis, Ricky and Noah. Their challenge is to create a newspaper article which will be shared with the class and parents. Here is the first edition of our Year 6 newspaper from the Newspaper team 'Read Our News'.

Below you can read the fantastic work created by members of our class last week.

The Edinburgh Trip

Sensational Scotland


Safety Carousel

Awesome Africa

In small groups, the children researched different topics (beaches, countries, music, food, wildlife and tribes) about Africa and then created some fantastic presentations. They practised these in front of the class, who gave them constructive criticism, and then presented them to the Year 5 class. 

 Our Sensational Shelters

The Frog Blog


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Back in Time for School

Year6pupil on: The Frog Blog

To celebrate the end of year 6’s time here at Witton Gilbert, we have teamed up with the rest of KS2 to help produce an amazing performance. Working together, we have created, directed and manufactured a play to perform to the rest of the school – along with teachers, governors and other members of our school, past and present. Without giving too much away, the play will be set in Witton Gilbert, in a class room setting with six main characters. They embark on a journey through time, visiting different eras on their mission to save the school from an evil curse that has been put upon them by three evil witches.

The show will be taking place here, at our school, at the following times and dates:

Thursday 11th July – 2:00pm

Thursday 11th July – 5:30pm

Friday 12th July – 10am

To gain entry into the show you must purchase a ticket from the reception. The ticket prices are £2 per adult or child, unless the child is young enough to sit on an adult’s knee.

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PHSE Workshop

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PHSE visitor

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Nissan Trip

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