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Witton Gilbert Primary School

Year 5 2018-2019

The Fab Five!

Welcome to the Year 5 class page.  This is where parents and carers can keep up to date with all of the fun topics and activities that we will be experiencing.  To red our class blog, please scroll to the bottom of this page (the blog is written by the children so it directly reflects their experiences throughout the school year).  Thank you for joining us on our journey, we hope you enjoy it as much as us.

Ullswater Trip

From Monday 5th November till Friday 9th November 2018, Year 5 will be taking part in a residential experience at the Outward Bound site in Ullswater, in the Lake District, Cumbria.  This is a wonderful experience for the children to take part in a wide variety of outdoors-based activities, for example; mountain climbing, rock climbing, gorge walking, orienteering, canoeing, and much more.  IF any parents have any questions regarding the trip, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the school.  Joining the children will be myself, Mr Burns, as well as Mrs Curry and Mrs Howe.

Ancient Greece

This term's topic is going to be Ancient Greece.  For more information regarding the areas of this topic that will be covered, please find the medium term plan for this topic to the right of this page.

Physical Education

Year 5 will be having their P.E. lessons 10-11am on a Tuesday and 2-3pm on a Wednesday.  Could all parents ensure that the children have their school P.E. kit in school first thing on a Monday and it will go home with the children at 3.15pm on Friday to be washed.  This allows for some flexibility in the time table and ensures that the children are prepared for any additional P.E. sessions that are delivered by external organisations.

In P.E. this term, we will be trained in both hockey, focusing on the core skills of both sports and putting these into practise in game situations.

*Please ensure all kit has your child’s name on it to avoid losing any of their kit*


Homework will be given to the children every Friday, to be handed in the following Tuesday.  If the children have any issues with their homework, we will hold a voluntary homework club on a Monday lunchtime.  Any children who fail to hand their homework in will join a compulsory homework club on a Tuesday lunchtime.

Organiser / Effort

Using our Student Organisers will be a key target in year 5.  Please could you make an effort to hear your child read at least 3 times a week and sign their organisers accordingly.  Even children who are fluent readers benefit from discussing what they are reading with an adult.  Reading independently in Year 5 is something that is encouraged in Year 5, so where/when an adult is unable to read with your child, it is acceptable for the child to sign their reading record in your absence.  It is however preferable that you read with your child as this is a much more valuable experience for the children and will ensure any misconceptions can be addressed as they would be at school.

Ukulele lessons

On Friday afternoons we are very fortunate to be joined by a music teacher, who will be teaching the children how to play a Ukulele.  These lessons will build upon those, which the children had in Year 4 to further develop their musical skills with an instrument.  Exploring new chords and more complex songs than in Year 4, this is always a very exciting part of Year 5.

Year 5 2018-19 Academic Timetable

Year 5 Long Term Planning Document

Ancient Greece / Life in Greece Medium Term Plan

Thank you

Thank you for visiting our page, and we look forward to updating you with all of the various experiences and activities we are excited to participate in.

If any parents or carers have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with myself, so that any  issues can be remedied quickly and efficiently in the best interests of the children.

Thanks again,

Mr Burns

Year 5 Class Teacher (2018-19)

Here are some pictures from Year 5's exciting adventure in Ullswater from the week commencing 5th November 2018.  We hope you enjoy seeing what we were up to!

Fun with Five!

Magnificent Morpurgo

Year5pupil on: Fun with Five!

This term in Year 5 we read War Horse which is about a Horse called Joey who goes on a journey through the War. In the deadly chaos of the First World War, one horse witnesses the reality of battle from both sides of the trenches. Joey tells of the truest friendships surviving in terrible times. He knows the power of war and the beauty of  peace.

We all wrote our very own story based on War Horse. It consisted of a beginning, a scene with specific atmosphere, a conflict, a resolution and an ending. Every story was Amazing. We all have finished our wonderful work.

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Christmas Party

Year5pupil on: Fun with Five!

We had our Christmas party with year 6 on Tuesday, where we played four corners, musical statues and protect the base (where Miss Naylor and Miss Howells had to protect the sweets, but didn't do a good job as we got them all).  Afterwards we went back to our class and enjoyed a wonderful buffet of sausage rolls, sandwiches and lots of other lovely food - a lot of drinks were spilled, in fact more went on the floor than in our mouths, and all of the sugar we had helped to leave our teachers shattered at the end of the day haha!

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Year 5 Multiskills Festival

Year5pupil on: Fun with Five!

On Wednesday we went to Maiden Castle to take part in a Year 5 Multiskills Festival with some other schools, including Langley Park, Bullion Lane, Cestria and Newker.  We took part in Fencing, which was lots of fun and we were able to wear the proper outfits worn by Fencing competitions, and bench ball.  We have some funny pictures of ourselves in the kit, which can be found on our class page very soon.

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Ella won another competition!

Year5pupil on: Fun with Five!

Ella has won the Outward Bound Trust's Christmas card competition, which means that Ella and 11 of her friends will be able to go on a weekend retreat to Ullswater in June 2019.  The rest of us will be having a fun trip out on the same Friday those children head over to Ullswater, possibly skiing to Silksworth.

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Sensational Strings

Year5pupil on: Fun with Five!

On Monday, a musical group called Sensational Strings came into school to perform lots of Christmas songs for our school.  They played lots of traditional Christmas songs, and even a few more modern Christmas songs.  Mrs Hodgson, the Violin teacher who comes into our school to teach quite a few children the violin, was part of the group.  They also told us lots of interesting and useful information about the instruments they played, including violins, a viola, a cello and a double bass.

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