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Witton Gilbert Primary School

Welcome to our wonderful year 2 website!!!  We hope you enjoy reading all about our efforts and achievements. 

Do you like our poetry performance?

There are 28 pupils in our year 2 class and our teacher is called Miss Appleby.  We also get to work with Mrs McPherson, Mrs Bailey and Evann from CNS during the week, which makes us feel very lucky!  We have a great learning environment with lots of fantastic displays that help us or share our brilliant work. We especially like our star of the day wall; it makes you feel fantastic when you are chosen as the star pupil!

Each day we begin our morning with Read Write Inc, and follow this with Maths.  Lots of our learning is linked to themes or topics, which helps us to gather more information and makes our learning really exciting.  If you would like to know more about our learning you can look at our timetable - you can check which days we do PE and other subjects on there too - or read the year 2 Summer Term leaflet, you could even ask our lovely teacher! 

During the year there will be many opportunities to join us at school and we would love it if you wold like to visit.  Have a look at the website calendar or the school newsletters to check the dates for all of the exciting things we will be doing.  We're looking forward to showing you our fabulous school!

Thank you to everyone who came and joined us in school for our celebration assembly on Thursday 14th February 2019.  Thank you also for supporting our school on our cake day (part of the monthly school non-uniform day events) on Friday 1st March 2019.  Look at the calendar on the website for more information about our curriculum meetings, parents evenings and other celebrations where you can join us in school... we're looking forward to seeing you!

Have you met Jellybean?

Jellybean is our worry-monster, he read us a story called 'Ruby's Worry' and it helped us to understand about how to ask for help when we need it.  He works in year 2 with us, sometimes we tell him our worries and sometimes we tell him all of the things that make us feel joyful!  He loves to share the week's joys every Friday and he tells our teachers if there is something we might need help with.  Jellybean is soft, furry and covered in rainbows... he does the best backwards somersaults and only the grown ups can hear him speak!   We LOVE Jellybean!

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Tales of terrific year 2 - our blog!

Wheely safety.... we can ride without our stabilisers!

Year2pupil on: Tales of terrific year 2 - our blog!

Today we went on our bikes and scooters as part of a workshop with Durham Sports Partnership to help us to learn to ride our bikes safely without stabilisers.  If you could already ride safely, you went on the grass and practised riding with stamina.  If you didn't have a bike, you could ride your scooter  If you used stabilisers, then you had the chance to learn to ride without your stabilisers.  It was hard work but the training really helped!  By the end of the lesson we had:

17 confident bike riders

6 beginner bike riders - started with stabilisers and were riding without them after training!

1 riders who still prefer to ride with their stabilisers on

4 scooters

We enjoyed it very much and would love to bring our bikes to school more often!

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We love rhyming!

Year2pupil on: Tales of terrific year 2 - our blog!

We have been learning about poetry, inspired by our class author Julia Donaldson.  Many of her books are written in rhyme, and we have enjoyed reading them. Miss Appleby challenged us to learn a poem off by heart and perform it for our website.  We investigated rhyming patters such as rhyming couplets and we chose some poems we liked, then we voted for our class favourite.    The winner was 'Cats' by Eleanor Farjeon, the second choice was 'On the Ning Nang Nong' written by Spike Milligan.  We picked Cats because we thought it was a lovely poem about animals, which we loved.  The reason we picked the Spike Milligan poem was because it was a nonsense poem with lots of sound words.  We thought both poems were funny.

Have you seen our performance of Cats at the top of our webpage?

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Year 2 are posers! (Miss Appleby takes no responsibility for the title of this blog..... the children insisted!!!)

Year2pupil on: Tales of terrific year 2 - our blog!

Things we have loved about Harmony day, STEaM day and OPAL day:

Lilly Y - science with Captain Chemistry where we made coloured liquids with vegetables.

Fearne - making faces with clay.

Florrie - learning about code-a-pillar with Mr Bailey from Animate 2 Educate.

Ryan - being in the planetarium and creating our own music festival with my friends on OPAL day.

Lily C - I loved the streetdancing!

Macey - The planetarium was amazing and showing Grandad around our OPAL play areas.

Nixon - working with Mrs Hallatt and being inspired by other artworks with the chance to try our own paintings and drawings.

Lleyton - Trying to persuade my mam to go down the fireman's pole!

Jack - streetdancing was good because I loved the music!

Grace - For the past four days I've been inspired to write a play.

James - I liked OPAL play day because I liked playing basketball with my friends.

Lilly M - I likes STEaM day because the planetarium was relaxing and I nearly fell asleep!

Nolan - I liked it when we did the paper test with forces.  I was surprised that all of the paper didn't fall at the same speed.

 Alfie - I loved OPAL play day because my friends and I played hide and seek.

Evie - I liked playing with the tools outside.

Matthew - It was great to have my mam in school, I liked playing snakes and ladders with her.

Jessica - I liked our engineering work when we made the mazes.

Paul - I loved using all of the technology, especially because my dad came and joined in!

Faith - I liked exploring the art gallery in the year 5 classroom.

Jay - I thought our experiment about sneezing was brilliant - my picture was slightly snotty afterwards!

Anya-Lily - I liked working with Mr Wilson.

Dominic - I liked the red cabbage experiment.

Riley - I liked being inside the moon!

Aaliyah - I liked the chicken wire project - I'm excited about seeing everyone's sculptures together!

Ellis - I loved kitchen chemistry because we learned about how to be safe with the strong acid that turned the weak acid a different colour. 

Anna - I liked doing drama on Harmony day, we played lots of games with Miss Howells and Miss Bainbridge.

Archie - I liked making different colours for our pop art pictures.

Bella - I liked using the pestle and mortar to crunch up the red cabbage for the science lesson.

And last of all, we all enjoy posing for the photographs!

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Apprentice Gardeners

Year2pupil on: Tales of terrific year 2 - our blog!

Recently we planted some seeds into biodegradable plant pots.  We filled our pots two thirds full of soil and compost then we put two seeds in; one of the seeds was a plant called Morning Glory and the other was a Mammoth Russian Sunflower seed.  We put a little bit more soil on top then we watered our seeds a little bit.  Every day we kept on watering gently and turning our pots so the sides of the pot all became warm and saw lots of sunlight.  Plants need nutrients from the soil, water, warmth, light and air (because we know plants breathe carbon dioxide and we breathe oxygen) to grow successfully.  

After a few days some of us saw our seeds had grown shoots out of the soil.  They must have grown roots under the soil as anchors already.  The sunflower seeds seemed to sprout first followed by the morning glory.  It's now two weeks since we planted and most of us have seedlings with leaves growing.  For those of us with seeds that have not yet germinated, we know we have possibly planted our seeds too deep in the soil.  For the next fortnight we are going to nurture our seeds and plants so they grow strong and then we can take them home to put into our gardens.

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Beamish Museum was brilliant and marvellous!

Year2pupil on: Tales of terrific year 2 - our blog!

On Friday 22nd March our class visited Beamish Museum to help us learn more about life in the past.  On the morning we went on the tram, the bus and we went down the mine.  There were lots of mines in Langley Park, Witton Gilbert and Sacriston a long time ago, so we wanted to know what I was like to work in one.  It was very dark down there and even children as young as us would be expected to work. People could become ill or even die as the gases down the mine were dangerous, as was the dust from the coal mining.  It was dirtier than we expected down there; it was very wet and there were huge puddles.  The lights that the miners had were very poor and they would have spent a lot of time in the pitch black darkness -we thought that was scary. 

We also looked around the colliery area at the trains and engines that were used to help take the coal from underground to the surface, they were helped by pit ponies too, which were tiny!  Some of us explored the school in the pit village and some of us went to the pit cottages to find out how people lived.  It was very interesting.

Next we went for our lunch, which we ate in the park.  We played in the bandstand and watched all of the things that passed by the main street in the town.  We were very excited to see the steam roller passing, along with more trams, buses, a horse and cart and a green van.  

In the afternoon we went to the bank to find out about how money had changed.  The coins were huge and some were called different names, like shillings.  We noticed how much heavier the coins were when we held a bag with 200 pennies inside; it weighed a lot more than we expected.  We saw a £5 note; it was handwritten on paper and when you got it, as it was worth so much, you had to write your name and address on the back.  When the bank received one that was full of names and addresses, they would get rid of that one and write out a new one!

We also went to Pockerly Old Hall to try and get a job as a servant.  We made ginger biscuits but they were only for the Lord and Master, if a servant ate one he would punish them by hitting you with a stick and you might get the sack!  We cleaned up, swept the floor and polished the brasses with a mixture of pig's urine, lemon juice and animal fats. We made lavender bags to stop us being smelly until the next summer when we would have our yearly bath in the stream and we helped to make oatcakes for our food and candles to light the house.  They were also made from animal fat and they were smelly!

Before we went back to school we went for a short ride on the Elephant, one of the steam engines on the track.  We really enjoyed our day at Beamish and we'd love to go again.  Some of us have already visited with our families!


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