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Welcome to our year 6 webpage!  We are the oldest children at WGPS and there are twenty-one children in our class.  In year 6 Miss Appleby is our main teacher; we also work with Mrs Fernandez, Miss Lockett, Mr Wilson, Mrs Dubre and Evann - we work with lots of different adults to help us get ready for the transition to secondary school and to support our learning.   We celebrate the excellence we show by collecting stickers on our pencil cases, by undertaking roles and responsibilities around the school   We're house captains, school council leaders, eco-group members, anti-bullying representatives, webwizards, radio hosts, sports leaders and much, much more!  We also play on the school football team in the Chester-Le-Street league.  In addition to this all of us have classroom responsibilities; you can see these on our apple tree display in our classroom. We also have to select our class pupils as star of the day and star of the week. We're looking forward  to earning lots of rewards for our efforts!

Every day we do English reading and writing, maths and basic skills where we learn about number and grammar, punctuation and spelling.  We love our topic themes where Miss Appleby blocks our learning time so we can focus on certain subjects for a few weeks before moving on to a different theme - you can look at our topic map for this school year in one of the columns below.  We also have weekly ICT, RE and Music lessons.  For many of us, our favourite lesson is on Thursday afternoon when we have our P.E. session with Evann (from CNS). We can bring in our kits at the start of each week or we can leave them in school for a half-term if we wish.  Our P.E. kit includes our house team t-shirt, black or navy shorts, plimsolls or trainers.  If it is cold outside we may wear plain black or navy tracksuit bottoms and our school jumpers.  This year we will learn about the skills and tactics to play hockey, netball, multi-skills, gymnastics, dance, cricket, athletics and football.

Our year 6 classroom is a wonderful place to be; we fill our learning environment with exceptional examples of the work we are capable of, starting with our 'Selfies' - mobile phone style facts and images sharing information about ourselves and most recently with our amazing writing.  We also have an 'Incredible' wall, where we can choose our own best effort work, and it is shared with our classmates, we're also planning maths displays, GPS and vocabulary displays, reading displays, topic-linked work and more!  There will be lots of chances for our parents, carers and school community to visit us in school; Mrs Nelson will let everyone know more about this in her regular school newsletters or you can check the website calendar if you prefer.

This half-term we are reading the World War II linked novel 'Letters from the Lighthouse', written by Emma Carroll.  It is one of the 100 most-recommended books for year 6 pupils; we're excited to read more of them throughout the year too. We smashed the Premier League Primary Stars reading challenge this term, as a class we have read over 200 books now and our reading ability has jumped significantly.  Our classroom is full of growth mindset; we have a 'can-do' attitude where we like to overcome challenges and push ourselves out of our comfort zone.   

We know that year 6 is going to be ace and that we're going to have so many exciting things to share; why not read our blog regularly to keep up-to-date with our news?  We hope you have enjoyed finding out a little bit about our class -  we'd love you to sign our guestbook or vote in our survey and let us know your opinions of our page!  

SATs information from the meeting 20/2/18

Year 6 timetable

Year 6 curriculum map

Year 6 Autumn Term Parent/Carer Leaflet

Year 6 class charter

Oases Outdoor 2018; all photographs taken by the pupils themselves!

Edinburgh rocks!

Zoolab came to visit year 6... look at the wonderful creatures we met...

We like being sporty...

Cookery teaches us so much; can you guess the skills we were learning?


Fun in the Forest....

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Forest School Team 1

The first week of forest school

We made our string people and found hazards and adventures at the Dene. Our instructor was a woman called Emma, who works for Oases. We planned out where the main area would be and then explored the wild. On the way back to school, we found some small foot prints; they looked like birds foot prints. We weren’t allowed to throw snowballs until the end of the session then we threw snowballs at a safe target place meaning nobody could be hurt.

Second week of forest school

This week we made a picture frame out of rope and sticks. It sounds easy but it was one of the hardest things we had done. We put random things from the forest floor onto a piece of sticky note and made a beautiful picture. This was fun and challenging because you had to find a technique to make the picture frame.

Third week of forest school

This particular day we made our dens and as to transport we had a trolley that was full of:

Bamboo sticks; I-pads; rope and string; tarps and mini-figures.

We made our mini figures a den too. So what we did was we found a perfect place for our creature then we built from that. We found sticks around us or maybe some leaves and added it on to the den.

Fourth week of forest school

We ate lovely smores. It was toasted marshmallow and we put biscuits on either sides of the marshmallow. YUMMY! We made a fire for treats as it was our last day of the Dene project. Then we made a sharp end of a stick and put the marshmallow on the point.

Sam and Chloe

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In Year 6, we have been learning about WWII. In one of our lessons we got some of the uniforms for the German and British forces and tried them all on. We were split into groups of twos or threes to research the different areas that we would like to find more about. Also we were given a map of Europe and we investigated the Axis, Allies and Axis controlled countries, marking them in different colours. In our topic books we have a drawing of an Army solider which we identified and labelled each feature of their armoury.


Our class has been reading a book called Letters from the Lighthouse; written by Emma Carroll. It is set during World War 2 and tells us about the lives of two children; 13 year old Olive and 8 year old Cliff who are trying to  find their older sister Sukie.  She was lost during an air raid attack in London. The children’s mother sends them to an evacuee house in Devon and after a brief time living with Queenie, the children are rehomed with the grumpy lighthouse owner, Ephraim, and his dog Pixie. On our classroom wall we have created a display where we have written letters of complaint from different people’s perspective, linked to the story. We really like the book and are eager to finish it soon.

Aarron Kirby Cliff, Olivia Rzemieniak & Molly Rimmington - Kane.

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Internet safety day 2018 #SID18

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This week in year 6 we learnt about internet safety and how we need to be kind to people who you are texting. We needed to learn how to be kind to people, so we started our first task about what makes us happy on the internet and what makes us angry on the internet.

Then we learnt about fake news and how recently Donald Trump [the president of the United States of America] had posted that the NHS is broken on his twitter feed - but that was not true as the NHS is underfunded (in many people's opinion) but it works well in our country. Then we watched a video showing how children reacted to nasty online posts, then we participated in a quiz on fake news... we even found out that a penguin broke into a family’s house in Argentina and that Australia moves positions around the oceans!

We then completed our second activity and we had to write a promise inside a jigsaw piece. Mine was 'If someone who you don’t know phones you online then you should block them and treat it as a scam.' You can see all our safety day photos on our year 6 web page and we put on the hash tag #SID2018. We then had a few more bits of information on fake news and it was already the end of the day. Thanks for reading and remember to always safe search. 


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Practice SAT's success in 6!

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This week we have been practising SAT’s replicating tests from 2016-2017. We’ve been doing a variety of tests such as: Maths; English; SPAG; Arithmetic and Reading.  As a class we were reasonably confident with the tests and didn’t feel worried. To help even more we did three SPAG tests at home for our homework using our SPAG.COM web logins. This year we feel like we have improved massively and are confident we will succeed in our SAT’s this year. Also to improve, Mrs Appleby has helped us with clubs for children who need a bit more help or for people who could get 110 score or more.They were marked by Miss Lockett, Miss Appleby and Mr Wilson - they give our scores back to show how we had done in the original test. Mrs Nelson (our head teacher) was very proud of us all and were proud of each other.

Logan and Spencer 

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Cookie monsters get baking in year 6!

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As a reward for achieving our Premier League Primary Stars reading challenge, today we baked chocolate chip cookies. 

We used a recipe from the Be-ro book https://be-ro.co.uk/recipe/showrec26.html and had to prepare our classroom so that we had no germs on the tables and wash our hands (we know how important that is as we've been learning about micro-organisms in science). During the cookie dough making we had to ensure we made enough mixture by multiplying the amounts in the recipe by 3, with the aim of making 48 slightly-larger-than-Be-ro-said cookies. 

After we'd finished; Miss Appleby asked us to think about which skills we had used, here is our list:

  • Maths skills for measuring how much of each ingredient we needed
  • Teamwork to make sure everyone had a chance to join in with the baking task
  • English skills of reading and following instructions
  • Science linked work for reversible and irreversible changes.

We didn't realise how much work we did as we were too busy having fun!  Our baked cookies look and smell incredible; we're looking forward to eating them after lunch with some ice cream!

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