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The Fab Five!

Keep an eye on our class web page throughout the year to make sure you are up to date with what we have been doing and what lies ahead!


The children had an amazing time in Howtown in October 2017, taking part in a wide variety of activities that were both challenging and thoroughly enjoyable.  Every single one of the children made me so proud in terms of the way that they approached the various difficult challenges, attacking their fears and worries head on to take part in all of the activities.  They even helped me overcome my fear of confined spaces!  Here are a selection of photographs to show what a great time was had by all (including Mrs Curry, Mrs Lofthouse and myself!)...

Photo Gallery to follow upon our return to school post-The-Beast-from-the-East...

The Vikings

In the Spring Term, Year 5 will be learning all about the Vikings and how they lived.  In this topic we will learn about the lives and cultures of the Vikings, Viking warriors, myths and mythologies, art and culture and Viking weapons and transport.  The children will also carry out some research as part of their homework throughout the term to make sure that we can cover all of the fun areas within this topic!

Physical Education

In P.E. this term, we will be trained in both netball and basketball, focusing on the core skills of both sports and putting these into practise in game situations.  In terms of netball, some children could also be picked for the Year 5/6 netball tournament on the final day of term.

Our class will take part in PE lessons on both a Tuesday morning and a Friday afternoon every week.  Could you please ensure that your child brings their PE kit into school every Monday and they will bring it home to be washed on a Friday.  This ensures that the children will always have their PE kit for PE and any other sports-based activities they are undertaking.  

(Please ensure all kit has your child’s name on it to avoid losing any of their kit)


Homework will be handed out to the children every Friday, and this needs to be handed in on the Tuesday of the following week (unless specified otherwise by Mr Burns).  This homework will be explained to the children before they take it home to make sure that we know what we will need to do.  If there are any problems, this also provides parents and children with an opportunity to put any queries to Mr Burns if necessary.  

If homework requires children to use the internet to perform research, then opportunities to do so in school will be available on Monday lunch times, giving the children plenty of time to work out if they need to take advantage of that opportunity.

Ukulele lessons

On Friday afternoons we are very fortunate to be joined by a music teacher, who will be teaching the children how to play a Ukulele.  These lessons will build upon those, which the children had in Year 4 to further develop their musical skills with an instrument.  Exploring new chords and more complex songs than in Year 4, this is always a very exciting part of Year 5.


If any parents have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to get in touch with Mr Burns at the earliest opportunity.

Thank you for your continued support, we look forward to experiencing many successes both individually and collectively throughout this new school year!

Year 5 2017-18 SPRING Term Timetable

Year 5 2017-2018 Curriculum Map


Using our Student Organisers will be a key target in year 5.  Please could you make an effort to hear your child read at least 3 times a week and sign their organisers accordingly.  Even children who are fluent readers benefit from discussing what they are reading with an adult.  Reading independently in Year 5 is something that is encouraged in Year 5, so where/when an adult is unable to read with your child, it is acceptable for the child to sign their reading record in your absence.  It is however preferable that you read with your child as this is a much more valuable experience for the children and will ensure any misconceptions can be addressed as they would be at school.

Invaders and settlers Medium Term Plan (Vikings and Anglo-Saxons)

The Fab Five!

Netball Tournament

Year5pupil on: The Fab Five!

On Friday 9th February, a boys team and a girls team for Year 5 and 6 went to Brandon to take part in a Netball tournament against other schools who are coached by CNS coaches.  The boys team finished fourth, but the girls team came second, losing their only game in the final.  We all played very well and tried our hardest, and Mr Hunter said he was very proud of us.

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War Horse

Year5pupil on: The Fab Five!

Since we have come back to school after Christmas, we have been reading a book called War Horse, which is also written by Michael Morpurgo.  It is about a horse called Joey, and tells us about his journey from an auction as a foal to his time spent in France during World War 1.  We're only about half way through, but so far it has been a very interesting read and we have read about lots of different characters.

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Waiting for Anya

Year5pupil on: The Fab Five!

Throughout the Auumn term, we have been reading a book called Waiting for Anya by Michael Morpurgo.  The book is set in France during World War 2 and is about a family who live in a village called Lescun, near the mountains and the border to Spain.  The main character, Jo, tries to help Jewish children escape the Nazis over the border, but he comes up against lots of problems.  We have all really enjoyed reading the book, and the ending was a surprise to us all (but we won't spoil it for you as you should read it yourself!).

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Year5pupil on: The Fab Five!

We had an amazing time at Howtown in the Lake District and took part in lots of different activities that we wouldn't have normally been able to do. We went gorge walking (which is climbing up waterfalls), canoeing on Ullswater, we climbed a mountain called Pikawassa and had our dinner at the very top of it, and we climbed through some underground tunnels.  We also did a run and dip in the lake on our first day, and then again on the last day, when some of us were allowed to drive a speed boat! We all wish we could go back, our instructors were great and we had the most fun ever! 

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