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Witton Gilbert Primary School

Three important things to know! (at least)

The Swimming starts on Tuesday 12th September. All year three children will travel by coach to Bullion Lane in Chester-Le-Street with Mrs. Shevills. You need a swimsuit, swimming hat and towel. Girls should have a one-piece swimsuit and boys should have trunks or swimming shorts. All children must wear a swimming hat in the pool. Please name all items of kit wherever possible. 

Three important things to know!

Fabulous enrichment week

Year3pupil on: Three important things to know!

What a super week we have had. On Monday we spent all day doing creative art and music  in our Harmony day. We spent the day with lots of different teachers doing activities like drumming and designing our baseball caps using graffiti ideas. 

Wednesday was our STEM day. Our morning was learning about cooking and making and tasting lots of different foods from around the world. Most of us enjoyed the paella, pasta and stir fry but the lassi drink was not so popular. Thursday we spent all morning trying different dance styles like cheerleading, Bhangra and rock and roll. It was hard work! Then Friday was our sports day which we enjoyed despite the unkind weather. 

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Shadow puppets

Year3pupil on: Three important things to know!

This week we have been exploring what makes or changes a shadow. Here are some of us with our story telling shadow puppets. Can you guess the story? It was the Three Little Pigs. 

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Village walk

Year3pupil on: Three important things to know!

Post box Last Thursday we all went fro a walk around Witton Gilbert to create a"memory map" of the village. When we got back to school we had to draw a map and put in some of the things that we saw. We took photographs of some of the things that we found interesting along the way. 

Notice board

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Christmas Thank You

Year3pupil on: Three important things to know!

We want to thank all of our families for sending the yummy food for our Christmas party. We had fun playing games in the hall with our teachers and making lots of noise. HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! 

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What did they eat in Ancient Egypt?

Year3pupil on: Three important things to know!

To answer this question we went on a class treasure hunt to explore artefacts for clues of what might have been on a shopping list for an Ancient Egyptian. Some of the items like chick peas, figs and pomegranates were new to many of us so we tried them. Wait for the requests for changes to packed lunches next term!

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Three important things to know (at least)!

Our class teacher is Mrs Shevills most of the time but on Thursday afternoons we have some lessons with Mrs Dubre. Miss MacLeod is helping us with our work in many sessions.

Year 3 members all agree they want a happy, friendly atmosphere to work in and make great progress this year. Therefore our first task was to create our own class charter. This reminds us that we are part of a team who should always show each other respect, kindness and tolerance. We know that we all have rights, including the right to a good education, the right to play and to live in a safe, healthy and happy environment. We recognise that everyone has a talent and is an individual, with their own hopes, dreams and fears - even Mrs Shevills!

 Responsibilities and Rewards

Each class member will have a responsibility, either as a class representative or to carry out tasks which help our lessons and activities to run smoothly.

Impressing our teacher can earn you “Star of the Day” or “Star of the Week” award. Sometimes it is for working our hardest but also it might be because you have shown improvement in your courage, independence, sense of humour or enthusiasm too.  If the whole class impress our teacher she will let us put shells in the jar. We are saving them up to get a special whole class reward like a special snack or some extra playtime. 


Our first text this year is There’s a Pharaoh in our Bath by Jeremy Strong which is helping us understand some of the strange rituals used by the Ancient Egyptians. Our author focus this year will be Michael Foreman, who has produces some excellent novels for younger children as well as stunning picture story books. Look out for these authors in your local library or bookshop too.


In year 3 we will meet new challenges in our key objectives including:

  • Telling the time on analogue and digital clocks to the nearest minute
  • Converting between different units of time
  • Making sure we know our 2,4,5,8 and 10 times tables
  • Exploring fractions of things, numbers and measures and using our knowledge to solve problems.


We will still enjoy the weekly Total Recall and CLIC challenges, and we will also try to complete the Times Tables Challenge set by Mrs Shevills.


This year in year 3 we have some new and interesting topics.

Science topics include our Amazing Bodies, Forces and magnets, Rocks and Soils and Light.

Our exciting history topics include Ancient Egyptians and the Stone Age and Iron Age.

Geography topics include finding out about natural disasters caused by geological phenomenon such as earthquakes and volcanoes. In contrast we will also be exploring and mapping our local environment. Perhaps we can come up with some ideas to improve the village too!


In class 3 P.E. is very popular. We have already started our swimming sessions, which everyone looks forward to. Other sports we hope to cover include: rugby, gymnastics, cricket, and dance. We will take part in a “multiskills” festival with other schools and competitive tournaments in rugby and cricket.  We are also taught to understand how to warm up properly, listen carefully and keep ourselves and each other safe from injury.


Now we are in key stage two our curriculum should include French lessons. But learning French in year 3 is not just in French lessons! During the day we are given some of our instructions in French.

Every day we will start to practice numbers when we answer to the register and we will start to write the date too. Games and songs help us to remember the names of colours and animals. We will be learning about some celebrations too.



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