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Witton Gilbert Primary School

Welcome to Year 2!

Hello and welcome to year 2's web page. You can find out what we're learning about in class and the topics we have planned for the current term. Please see below also for the reading book timetable, so we can get your child's reading books changed as regularly as possible.

Read Write Inc


The children are all currently working through the Read Write Inc phonics programme as part of their development in literacy. Please see their homework books for a list of common exception words (CEWs). These are words that look different from how they sound, and extra practice of these at home is very useful! Please also be sure to sign and comment in the children's reading organizers once you have read with them at home. Their reading books are changed weekly. If they finish reading please encourage them to re-read their books to assist in developing fluency.




The maths topics for this half term are money, statistics and 3D shapes. We will also be consolidation previously covered topics as well as working on problem solving skills through our White Rose maths scheme of work.

Topic work

This term we are learning about two famous explorers: Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong. We are thinking about their journeys and comparing their experiences, and learning about what it must be like to discover new and exciting places. Within science we are learning about everyday materials and their uses, and thinking about how different materials were available to help our explorers during their time.




The children have purple homework books which will have homework in them every week. The homework is always due for the following Tuesday unless otherwise specified. Other resources such as word lists in the front of books will also be sent home. Please have a brief run through of these with your child everytime they get homework.