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WGPS Year 6 2016-17

Welcome to our year 6 webpage - we want to share with you all of the amazing things that happen in our classroom and beyond.  We're the oldest pupils who attend WGPS, there's 27 of us in our class and we're extremely proud of our school.  Our teacher is called Miss Appleby - we think she's exquisite! - and there are lots of other people who help us with our learning. Our fabulous deputy head-teacher (Mrs Curry) helps us with our booster lessons and teaches the class when Miss Appleby is not working in our class, Miss Lockett is our amazing teaching assistant and we also love working with Evann (from the CNS sports group) for our PE lessons. 

Being in year 6 at WGPS is scary but exciting; we've now taken our SAT's exams and we are - rather sadly - now building up to leaving primary school however we continue to enjoy a lot of learning experiences and regularly lead school events.  We're house captains, school council leaders, eco-group members, anti-bullying representatives, webwizards, radio hosts, sports leaders sports leaders and much, much more!  We also play on the school football team in the Chester-Le-Street league.  In addition to this all of us have classroom responsibilities; you can see these on our apple tree display in our classroom. 

In our classroom our favourite rewards are stickers.  Some of them are shiny and some of them smell nice, like limes, milkshakes and jellybeans.  We have a 'personal best, never give up' mindset and we know that it's not a good thing to get everything right every day as it means our work is too straightforward so we enjoy challenges - Miss Appleby works very hard to make our learning fascinating!  We earn house-points for great effort or  achievements and we also have 'shiny books' where we collect stampers from  the staff and are rewarded with certificates in our celebration assembly for every ten stamps we win.  

In English we have done all sorts of different things, for example: playing book bingo so we read different genres and styles of books.  We really enjoyed reading the graphic novel 'The Invention of Hugo Cabret' (written by Brian Selznick) as our first favourite text of the year, and we're currently reading 'Wonder', written by R.J. Palacio - it's certainly interesting to hear about Auggie's life.   We also do RWInc spelling tasks every day and our spelling is improving at great pace, we love dictionary races and can independently use thesauruses with great impact.  We LOVE 'magpie-ing' new vocabulary... our teacher tells us the most challenging words she can think of when we use synonyms for simple words and then we gain house-points if we use them correctly in our talk or writing.  Our handwriting is high-quality and we like showing off our work to everyone who visits.  We also enjoy maths; we've made substantial progress in our BIG Maths average scores and Mrs Curry really enjoys our year 5 and 6 BIG maths intervention lessons where we work with each other to investigate the questions we found challenging.  We've cracked all four operations with formal strategies - that made Miss Appleby very proud, there were mega-stickers for that! -  and we won the County Durham Sumdog competition in the Autumn term - playing games to help us learn is brilliant! Our creative curriculum work is the best in school; we've learned about France, the Victorian Era, electricity and circuits in Autumn term and Africa, nature and World War II in Spring. This term lots of our themes link to science and we're planning our KS2 summer show - this year we are performing 'Dragon Days'. We'll also be learning about the world of work with our STEAM week in June - it's very exciting time in year 6! If you wish, you can find out more about our creative work and achievements in our blogs below.

There are just so many wonderful things happening in year 6 - we hope you have enjoyed finding out a little bit about our class -  we'd love you to sign our guestbook or vote in our poll and let us know what you thought of our page!  

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Our webpoll has told us that 75% of our website visitors enjoy reading our page greatly and that the year 6 fans would like to see more photographs and blogs about what we do.  We'll make sure we add more of these features next term. 

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Year 6

Touch Typing Challenge... what speed can you type at?

Recently we noticed that some of us still type rather slowly and we decided to set ourselves a challenge - can we improve our typing speed?  Miss Appleby told us that in business and in the world of work, WPM (words per minute) are often important when you apply for a job.  We decided to try and improve our WPM scores and investigated online resources that would help - we settled on http://www.bbc.co.uk/guides/z3c6tfr - the bbc bitesize typing game.  We're  going to test our WPM score at the start and end  of the project using the website http://www.typingtest.com/ so we can assess how much we have improved before half-term.

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Year 6 blog

Our fabulous day of Monozukuri caravan at Nissan

Year6pupil on: Year 6 blog

Today we went on an amazing visit to the SASMI centre at Nissan. We were doing the Monozukuri Caravan event; where children get a flavour of what it is like to be part of an engineering team making cars. 

We started with juice and cookies (Nissan believes our bodies need fuel just like the cars and they believe that a warm welcome and being comfortable  at work is really important for staff wellbeing,) then we learned all about Nissan, how the company originates from Japan and how they use the 'Kaizen' theory to ensure constant improvement in performance.  We tested this by designing our own cars with lego and then creating a production line to see how fast we could produce our cars... we took 1 minute 23 seconds on average - apparently we were the fastest primary school they had ever worked with!. Nissan make 120 cars an hour, which astonished us. They also have three shifts of workers so they build cars 24 hours a day.

After lunch we toured the training centre to see what people learn before they are allowed to work in the main factories then we watched a video to see how a Juke was made. We learned about how to keep yourself safe and then we had a try at some of the jobs the workers do: fitting grommets into casings; speedily fitting bolts and tightening them with airguns and hammering out imperfections in the chassis of the car. 

The day was epic, mint and awesome.  At the end we were all given a goodie bag and our class received a lego giftbox for us to continue with learning about engineering. We also brought home our Daruma doll, to give our school good luck for the future - if you would like to see it then it's with all of the school trophies at the entrance, next to the school office.  We loved our day at Nissan and lots of us now aspire to work there when we are older.

Captain Chemistry sails into year 6!

Year6pupil on: Year 6 blog

Today we were joined by a man called Captain Chemistry (AKA Richie) to learn about shipbuilding and teamwork.  Our aim was to race our boats against our classmates and we worked in teams of 3 for this challenge.  The ships we made were going to race down plastic drainpipe troughs powered by wind from fans (as it isn't very windy inside our classroom!!!).  We - Dylan, Alfie M-S and Jack - were in Team JAD and our ship was speedy; we think our playmobil  man would have been sea-sick, it was that fast!

Our job was tricky, we soon realised that our boat needed certain things to make it sail; a mast, a sail, a hull and a keel.  In team SOK, (standing for Sophie, Olivia and Kacey,)  we took a few attempts to get our sail to work... we found out that we had to tie from the sails underneath the keel of the ship so that it would balance successfully.  We were pleased with our ship and felt it was competitive. 

The Toxic Rebels team (Jessica T, Eirinn and Isabelle K) wove our sail using a strong carrier bag.  We thought this would make it firmer and stop the wind passing through it as we had doubled the sail over the beam of the mast to make it even thicker.  While this worked well, at first our ship wasn't balanced so it sank, causing our playdough ballast to become soggy.  We had to take it all out, dry the boat hull and the keel dough before putting less in so it floated better.  When we trialled our boat on the trough the playmobil man sped across the water swiftly - in the first test our ship was the most successful!

After each team had an opportunity to trial their ship we had time to improve our craft ready for the competition.  We were also able to take inspiration from each other's boats to help us with our modifications.

In the competition:

Some of our boats were excellent at sailing and some were not as good; despite this we all enjoyed watching and cheering our craft down the watertrough channels.  It was obvious that the captain of the ship was important to how it sailed - Team TDM said that their captain was a zookeeper on secondment so their boat wasn't as well managed as others!  The position of the playmobil person made a difference to the direction and floatation of the ship, so we had lots to consider.

First round:

Toxic Rebels V Pirates of the Caribbean - winner: Toxic Rebels

Team SOK V team TDM - winner: Team SOK

CJI V JAD - winner: JAD (also known as team Tesco!)

#gangsters V Team Try - winners: #gangsters


JAD V #gangsters - winners: JAD

Toxic Rebels V Team SOK - winners: Team SOK


JAD V Team SOK....

Our overall winners were JAD!

Maths Problem Solving

Year6pupil on: Year 6 blog

Last Thursday we started making our own maths problems for Year 5. We were in partners and we decided on a theme for our problem. We started to prepare them for Wednesday 14th of June where we went into groups with Year 5 and shared the finished copy with them, where they had to solve the problems and find out the criminal.

First we did a draft. We made sure the problems worked and then we wrote them up without the scribbles and answers. The year 5 people chose a pair to work with. In the end we all worked out who the saboteur/criminal is. if we finished we had to show them the draft and answers. We really enjoyed working on them throughout the week with the aim of impressing the year 5 class.

Lucinda & Godfrey

Year6pupil on: Year 6 blog

This week in year 6 we have focussed on learning about our bodies and the changes that we might face when going to Secondary School, physically and emotionally!

When we discussed certain topics with Miss Appleby over the week, such as: Growing and Changing; changing relationships; conception and problems children our age may face in the coming years! We think talking through these subjects with our teacher and the other people in our class has really helped us to feel comfortable and relaxed, as well as being able to ask any questions that we were unsure about. We did this by putting a question into the worry box, then Miss Appleby read about one out, and discussed it with us as a class. We now feel much more mature and less scared about talking to the adults in school and the adults we live with about these sorts of topics.

Throughout the week, we have completed a number of different worksheets and activities around each subject, to gain extra information and facts about our bodies, as well as relationships and emotional feelings we may have (we have also had a little giggle and made Miss Appleby blush a few times!!).

This afternoon the school nurse came into school to talk to us about more things to do with growing and changing. We could also ask her any questions we had and wanted to know the answers too. This allowed us to gain even more information so we felt ready to move onto secondary school and grow older.

Democracy in action - the General Election

Year6pupil on: Year 6 blog

This week in year 6 we have focussed on learning about the party leaders and the manifesto's representing all of the main political parties (and also those who were in action in our locality).  

When we investigated our local candidates we then voted to show who we would support.  Our class would have agreed with the Durham City constituency vote as we had 14/23 people voting for Roberta Blackman-Woods, the Labour candidate who polled 26,772 votes out of the 48,324 cast.  67.9% of the voters shared their views in this election, which we were rather surprised about, we hoped that it would be higher.  In our class 83.3% of our families voted, significantly higher than the local figure.

Next, we investigated the areas of the manifesto's that were important to us.  Our priorities were:

1. NHS/health services

2. Defend our country against attack

3. Education

4. Benefits (particularly money for families)

5. Emergency services

6. Food and water

7. Housing

8. Taxes

9. Power (electricity)

10. Transport

11. Communications

12. Children's services

Then we wrote our own political speeches, sharing what we would do if we were to be selected as the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.  We shared our speeches with each other, and six candidates were chosen.  They presented their speeches to our class and then we voted... Dylan was picked as our class Prime Minister.  Mrs Curry said the standard of our speeches was very high, and Mrs Nelson was wowed by our understanding of political issues in current society, and that she might consider us for her vote if we were really standing for election!

We recorded our speeches too - you can watch them too and decide who you would vote for. 

We really enjoyed learning about democracy and will be very interested to follow what happens over the coming weeks - will the hung parliament be dominated by one party, a coalition or will there be another election soon? 

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