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Witton Gilbert Primary School

The Fab Five!

Our class teacher is Mr Burns most of the time; however on a Tuesday we have Mrs Curry for some interesting Literacy and Numeracy lessons in the morning, then PE with Steven from CNS in the afternoon. We are very lucky to have the support of Mrs Dubre for most of the week and we also have Miss Lockett and Mrs McPherson to help us at various points in the week too!


In October, Year 5 will be taking part in a residential experience at Howtown in the Lake District. The emphasis of the trip will focus on teamwork, outward-bound experiences, problem solving and improving communication skills.


Responsibilities and Rewards

Each class member has a responsibility, either as a class representative or to carry out tasks that help our lessons and activities to run smoothly.  Impressing our teacher can earn you “Star of the Day” or “Star of the Week” award. Sometimes it is for putting froth your best effort, but also it might be because you have been very kind to everyone.


Fantastic Five

KS2 Perfomance...

Year5pupil on: Fantastic Five

This week we have been practicing for the key stage 2 performance, which is called Dragon Days.  We’ve all been given our parts and have been practicing the songs in our class.  Next week we will do our first full read through of the script with the rest of key stage 2, and we’re all looking forward to it!

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Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Year5pupil on: Fantastic Five

We have just started reading the first Harry Potter novel, and although a lot of us have seen the film, we can’t wait to find out how similar it is to the films (some people in class who’ve read it already say it is even better than the film!)

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Sports Day 2017

Year5pupil on: Fantastic Five

We took part in the whole school sports day, with lots of Year 5 only races (with Joseph doing particularly well and winning a few of them!). It was a beautiful, sunny day, and Mr Burns had a sunburnt face! We think he needs to use more suncream!

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Year 5 Celebration Assembly

Year5pupil on: Fantastic Five

Today we did our year 5 celebration assembly and our parents came to watch us tell them lots of interesting facts about the Vikings before we read a poem called, ‘The Viking Warrior’.  It went well and everyone seemed to like what we did for them.

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War Horse by Michael Morpurgo

Year5pupil on: Fantastic Five

War Horse - We have started to read our class novel, War Horse, by Michael Morpurgo. Loving it so far! Tell us what you think of it so far ...

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P.E. is very popular with our class. We will be learning how to play several invasion sports, such as football, rugby, gymnastics, dodge ball, netball, cricket, as well as other athletic pursuits such as track and athletics, and dance.  We will be taking part in a “multi-skills” festival at Tanfield Lea in December, as well as taking part in competitive tournaments in netball and athletics.  We are also taught to understand how to warm up properly, listen carefully and keep ourselves safe from injury.



In Literacy we will be focussing our work on the works of Michael Morpurgo, specifically the novel Waiting for Anya. We will read the novel every week and our work will be guided by the events. The novel is set in France during World War II and we will explore letter writing, diary writing, journalistic writing, war poetry, script writing and a whole lot more! We are all excited to work very hard in improving our writing skills!  Later this year we will read War Horse, myths from the Ancient Greeks, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, as well as our termly books from Read Write Review.



Learning French in year 5 is not just in French lessons! During the day we are given some of our instructions in French. We can write the date because we have learned the days and months, and every day we do the register by French numbers. Games and songs help us to remember the names of body parts and Christmas words.

We will be learning how to order food in French soon too!



This year in year 5 we are learning about many great and interesting topics. Science topics include Earth and Space, Exploring Materials and Change, and Forces. Our exciting history topics, Ancient Greeks, Anglo Saxons and Vikings, will be great fun and we hope to have a trip to see an Anglo Saxon farmstead too!



In year 5 we will be covering a variety of challenges including using the formal written methods for calculations and learning all of our times tables up to 12 x 12. We will also be working on fractions, square numbers, cube numbers, prime numbers, composite numbers, measurement, decimals, shape and position, statistics and money.



In geography we will be comparing people and places, including exploring rural and urban settings, as well as exploring both human and physical geography from around the world.



In RE we will be looking at a whole range of religions and faiths, as well as exploring advent and Christmas. We will also be researching and learning about some of the more famous Saints from the North East of England, such as St. Aidan, St. Bede and St. Cuthbert.


PE Kit

PE will take place on a Tuesday, but we will need to bring our PE kit to school on a Monday before taking it home to get washed on a Friday.



Mr Burns will give us homework on a Friday and this needs to be handed in on the Wednesday of the following week. This homework will be explained to us before we go home on the Friday to make sure that we know what we will need to do.