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Witton Gilbert Primary School

High Flying Year 4

Our class teacher is Mrs Shevills most of the time but on Thursday afternoons we have interesting lessons with Mrs Bailey. 

Year 4 members all agree they want a happy, friendly atmosphere to work in and make great progress this year. Therefore our first task was to create our own class charter. This reminds us that we are part of a team who should always show each other respect, kindness and tolerance. We know that we all have rights, including the right to a good education, the right to play and to live in a safe, healthy and happy environment. We recognise that everyone has a talent and is an individual, with their own hopes, dreams and fears - even Mrs Shevills!

Responsibilities and Rewards

Each class member has a responsibility, either as a class representative or to carry out tasks which help our lessons and activities to run smoothly.

Impressing our teacher can earn you “Star of the Day” or “Star of the Week” award. Sometimes it is for working your hardest but also it might be because you have shown improvement in your courage, independence, sense of humour or enthusiasm too.  There is also an award for being an “Eager Beaver” and doing extra work or putting in extra effort.  If the whole class impress our teacher she will let us put shells in the jar. We are saving them up to get a special whole class reward like some milk and cookies or some extra playtime. 


Our first text this year is Lost or Stolen by Narinder Dhami which is helping us understand the meaning of a dilemma in a story. We will soon be reading some of Aesop’s fables and working out what the moral of each story is. Our author focus this year will be on Roald Dahl, who is a firm favourite with everyone, we will be reading James and the Giant Peach together in class. Soon we will start to get our Read Write Review books and get the chance to win prizes for making a special effort with our reading and book reviews.


In year 4 we will meet new challenges in our key objectives including:

  • Telling the time on analogue and digital clocks, including the 24 hour clock
  • Converting between different units of time
  • Knowing ALL of our times tables up to 12 X 12
  • Written method for short multiplication
  • Using decimals including hundredths

We will still enjoy the weekly Total Recall and CLIC challenges, and we will also try to complete the Times Tables Challenge to recall all 144 tables facts within 5 minutes!...


This year in year 4 we are doing many great and interesting topics.

Science topics include sound, states of matter and electricity .

We have started increasing our vocabulary to describe sounds and investigating how sounds are made. What a racket!

Our exciting history topics include Romans and the Ancient Mayan civilization. We will also be studying local history when we look at the importance of rivers and how they have influenced our region.

Learning about the Roman invasion will lead to us researching their country of origin – Italy. We will consider what the landscape and lifestyle there is like and how it compares to our own. Through our Rainforests topic in the spring term we are looking forward to discovering how important these regions of the world are both to the animals that live there and to ourselves.


In class 4 P.E. is very popular. Sports we hope to cover include: rugby, gymnastics, cricket, and dance. We will take part in a “multiskills” festival with other schools and competitive tournaments in rugby and cricket.  We are also taught to understand how to warm up properly, listen carefully and keep ourselves and each other safe from injury.


Learning French in year 4 is not just in French lessons! During the day we are given some of our instructions in French.

Every day we practice numbers when we answer to the register and we are learning the days and months so that we can write the date too. Games and songs help us to remember the names colours and animals. We will be learning how to go shopping in French soon too.

Our Year 4 Summer Term Parent's leaflet.

Our Year 4 Autumn term parents leaflet

Now hear this!

Le quatorze juillet

Year4pupil on: Now hear this!

We found out so much about France as we celebrated Bastille Day! 

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STEAM day.

Year4pupil on: Now hear this!

What a laugh having parents in our classroom today. We wrote and filmed a play this morning.

Ryan was the sun and shone in the role! 

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Harmony day

Year4pupil on: Now hear this!

We have enjoyed our Harmony experiences today. Thank you for organising it Mrs Heath. 

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Discovery Museum.

Year4pupil on: Now hear this!

We all had a super day at the discovery museum. We discovered that there have been lots of bridges called the Tyne Brdige since Roman times. Some of the interesting things we saw were chain mail from medieval times and a Dr Who annual from the 1960s. dr Who looked very different then. Did you know there was once a prison on the Tyne bridge? If the river flooded the prisoners were all drowned! 


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Vagetarian debate

Year4pupil on: Now hear this!

Today, in our first attempt at a more formal debate, we debated the advantages and disadvantages of a vegetarian diet. Our proposal was " We should all be vegetarian." The result in the vote at the end was 8 for and 18 against.  We have been reading Charlottes Web by E.B White and our vote would mean we would not save Wilbur the pig from being turned into bacon! 

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