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Witton Gilbert Primary School

******PE kit should be brought in on  a Monday  and taken home on a Friday and swimming kits are needed on a Tuesday please*********

Year 3

The Fantastic Frogs!

Welcome to our frog pad.

There are 26 tadpoles in our pond looked after by 4 big frogs; Miss Howells, Mrs Bailey, Mrs Howe and Mrs McPherson!


We have discovered in Year 3 that we are very important as we help the new reception children settle in to school life. It is very hard being a buddy but also very exciting. We get to play with our buddies and take care of them which is fun but it can be exhausting! We help our buddies with their lunches by showing them where to put their dinner bands and demonstrating what to do and how to behave in the dinner hall.  We look forward to working with our buddies in the future.



Check out our class spell...



Every Tuesday afternoon we go swimming  so that we can learn how to keep safe in the water. We can stand up in the pool and we won't need armbands or goggles.  We need to bring a swimming hat, a swimming costume or trunks and a towel. Each week the children are growing in confidence and ability, it's great to watch them progress.



In the first term we were all very lucky to take part in a skipping day. We enjoyed it so much we have had an extra two sessions with skipping Chris to get us ready for a Skipping Festival in March where we hope to show off our skills and our own devised skipping routine.

Year 3 took part in a multi skills festivals, at Witton Gilbert, with other schools. We really enjoyed this event.

We have also been improving our cricket skills.

Click here to see what we have learnt in one of our lesson s with the Chance to Shine coach Chris.

Our Stone Age Day 




We Are Writers

Each child, in the school, has chosen a piece of writing that they are proud of to be put in to our school We Are Writers Book which you will be able to purchase soon. Year 3 chose their favourite piece of writing from the plethora of work they have created over the academic year.

Click here for a sneak preview of some of the fabulous writing you can expect from Year 3.

Ancient Egypt

 The first  half term we learnt all about Ancient Egypt. Some of the activities the children took part in were; trying Egyptian delicacies, making Lego pyramids, creating pharaoh art work and mummifying apples and tomatoes.   Please click here for our termly newsletter.

Natural Disasters

 We have made pop up books all about natural disasters. Please view the above newsletter for details on this topic. Below are some pictures of the pop up books we created explaining how earthquakes happen, describing what makes up a volcano and what a tsunami is.

Stone Age to Iron Age

 This half term we will be learning all about the Stone Age through to the Iron Age. Please click here for our termly newsletter. So far we have learnt all about the properties of rocks in science. Below are some pictures of the rocks we made out of yummy chocolate. We have also created some cave art, researched Stonehenge designing and building our own and made a children's stone age game out of clay.

Our Local Area

We have been learning about our local area. We made flip books which  include geographical features and help our understanding of where we live. See the newsletter above for more detail.

North America

We started this topic by trying to understand the importance of the continents and their locations. After that we learnt about the different explorers who discovered North America and created a piece of drama to show the rest of the class. We then focused on a state in America to create a travel brochure for. In groups we then researched a different Native American tribe and created an awesome non-fiction book about them on the iPads.

Click here for the termly newsletter.

Pancake Day fun with Year 1

Ribbiting News!

Harmony and STEAM Day

Year3pupil on: Ribbiting News!

On Harmony Day we enjoyed painting the flowers with Mrs Shevills and we also enjoyed launching the rockets we made out of bottles with Captain Chemistry. With Mrs. Bailey we did printing with fruit and vegetables to create a tree showing the seasons in a year. Some of us created different types of drawings to make a stained glass window and we also made some triangle art. We all enjoyed being creative.

On Wednesday 21st June, STEAM Day, we did a quiz with the Northumberland Water members and our favourite activity was constructing pipes for water to travel through. We also enjoyed our circuits work and learnt lots. The teacher said that we could be future electricians we were that good! Photosynthesis was our final lesson of the day. We made a film about the process. We had different costumes and roles to play. We loved STEAM day because we got to do lots of experiments and find out lots of interesting and fun facts.

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Bernard and the Mysterious Missing Bottom!

Year3pupil on: Ribbiting News!

This week we have been writing newspaper reports to help the robot, Bernard from the book 'No-Bot' by Sue Hendra, find his missing bottom! Here is an example of one of our introductions making sure we include the 5W's (Who? What? Where? When? Why?).

Early this morning, Bernard, the shiny red robot, was playing at the play park. When he was just walking home, he realised he had left his thick red bottom behind. It was last seen at the park and then...pop! The bottom was gone! Where could the missing body part be?

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Durham Dash!

Year3pupil on: Ribbiting News!

Last night, Wednesday 14th June 2017, amazing athletes from Witton Gilbert represented our school at the Durham Dash. Four wonderful pupils from Year Three were amongst them. Oliver and Ella took part in the field events (which consisted of the long jump, speed bounce, chest throw and shot put) whilst Freddie-Jay and Lily C ran up the very steep hill. All the children loved the event. Alfie and Emily came and enjoyed watching them take part. Well done athletes!

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Glorious Gibside Adventure

Year3pupil on: Ribbiting News!

On Wednesday the 7th June 2017,class 3, had an amazing adventure to Gibside to participate in fun activities to help us with our new robot topic. We went orienteering to improve our map reading and directional skills which will help us when programming a robot back at school. The lady told us to put ourselves in to the maps so it's easier to navigate where we are going. After that, we had a yummy picnic and then we went to the pond, that was shaped like an octagon, with baby Moorhens swimming in it. Next we used mud to create a landscape just like the famous artist, Turner. When we are back in school we are going to make our own landscape paintings of Gibside just like the artist Eric Joyner that will include robots! On our way back to the bus we created a floral paint palette with the natural different coloured plants around us that were on the floor (we weren't allowed to pick living things because some of them were really rare!). We all had an amazing experience that we would love to do all over again!

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Information Station

Year3pupil on: Ribbiting News!

Today we discussed the Manchester One Love concert and decided to create our own songs about the event.

We will stay positive, we will stay strong,

We won’t give up and the crowd will cheer on!


We’ve been living here for ages; you will not bring us down no matter how hard you try,

Cause the voice inside sings a different song for you not I!


Manchester is really great,

Don’t turn back and make a mistake.


Manchester will stay strong,

Manchester will not bomb,

Don’t look back in anger

Because we love Manchester

We Will Rise Up

We are Manchester

We will never go down

We will always find a way to rise back up,

We will rise back up

We will rise back up

We’ll never go down

We’ll never say NO


Manchester some people in the sky

We will stand by you and never say goodbye

You’re in our hearts and we will never let you go

And Manchester will never say no.

(To the tune of 'Lord of the Dance’)


Manchester Rocks

Manchester rocks and nobody can deny that feeling

We will always stay strong even if you try to pull us apart

Nobody stay in their houses get out start to explore

Everyone don’t be scared Manchester will stand strong.

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Thrilling Threes!


bhowells on: Thrilling Threes!

Yesterday in year 3, we learnt about a famous playwright, called William Shakespeare, who wrote Macbeth. We watched a short clip of the three witches who were also known as the weird sisters. Next we became Shakespeare and wrote a poem/ spell just like him.To help us write our spells we felt horrible things in mystery boxes that we had to describe. Some of the items were really yucky! Also we learnt his poem and performed it creating a video which you can watch (click on the video above). After that we helped our buddies learn a song for Halloween called Boo. We all had a fun day! We are now looking forward to learning about our new topic, Natural Disasters.

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Exquisite Egyptian Food

bhowells on: Thrilling Threes!

This week we have tried some ancient Egyptian food. We started with hummus and pitta bread, followed by lentil soup (made by us!) and finished with dates, figs, pomegranate and water melon. It was scrumptious! We all tried the food and think we could have lived in the ancient Egyptian times.

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Well done Emme and FJ!

bhowells on: Thrilling Threes!

In year 3 we are very proud of Emme and FJ representing our school in the tag rugby competition. We are happy to announce our teams came 3rd and 4th. Everyone tried their best and they did us proud!

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Scarab Art

bhowells on: Thrilling Threes!

On Tuesday we made scarab beetles out of clay. Then on Thursday and Friday we painted them. After half term we are going to glaze them with pva glue so they are nice and shiny.

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Super Mummies!

bhowells on: Thrilling Threes!

This week we have been mummifying apples (putting faces on them) and tomatoes by cleaning them, removing their insides, stuffing them with natron (a mixture of salt and bicarbonate of soda) and putting them in a sealed container. We are leaving the apples for a week and the tomatoes for a month. We have also been finishing off our models of little mummies and we have painted them and drawn on them. Also we have made some Lego models of pyramids and written instructions for how to make them so other children can make them too.

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