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Witton Gilbert Primary School

Fabulous Year 2!

This is our last year in Key Stage 1 and our class teacher is called Mrs Heath. We also work with Miss Lockett, Mrs Bailey, Miss Naylor and Mrs McPherson! We are very busy and we work really hard but we also have lots of fun.

In Year 2, we always try to do our best and we don’t like to give up. We understand that learning does not stop at school and we celebrate any additional work that has been carried out at home. We have many additional special days, events and visits throughout the year to bring our learning to life.

Please check our Long Term Curriculum Map which provides more detail on the topics we study. This can be used to support your child's learning by talking together around the subject; looking at books on the subject together and possible family visits. There are also lots of games and websites below which will help with learning.

We have amazing buddies in Year 5 who help us at special events throughout the year and throughout the school day. We also work with lots of sports coaches over the year and take part in competitions and sports festivals in our school and with other schools. These are great fun!

Summer Term 1

This half term will involve lots of revision of our basic skills in Maths and English as well as exploring our new topic, 'Apprentice Gardner'. We will build on the work we did in Year 1 on planting and begin to name plants and trees as well as understanding the life cycle of a plant. We will also continue our 'Day in the Life...' topic and think use stories such as The Tin Forest to explore other people's lives and dreams. Please click here for the new Newsletter. 

Spring Term 2

After a fantastic start to the half term with a trip to Beamish Museum we've dived straight in to our new topic 'A Day in the Life...'. We'll be thinking about what it was like to be a servant in the 19th Century and what it was like to be a child. We'll also be continuing with our Science topic on materials and carrying out investigations to test a range of materials. Here is our new Newsletter with more information. 

Spring Term 1

This term we will be exploring Explorers! We'll think about what an explorer is and what they need to be successful. We'll be focusing on those that have ventured to Antarctica in particular. We'll also think about the conditions in Antarctica and the animals that live there. Have a look at our current Newsletter for more information.   

Autumn Term 2

We are now beginning to explore the topic of animals including humans in more detail and are looking at how we grow and change which links into life cycles. The name of our topic is 'Knowing Me, Knowing You' as we will also be thinking about how each child is an individual with their own skills and talents. Have a look at our Newsletter for more information.

Autumn Term 1

Our first Autumn term topic is 'Faster, Higher, Stronger'. This is based on the Olympic Games motto and we will be investigating both the Olympic and Paralympic Games as well as learning about what we need to do to take care of ourselves and our bodies.  Have a look at our Newsletter if you would like more information. You can use some of the following websites to explore the topic further:





Links to help with your child’s learning:


Phonics Play.


KS1 Bitesize Literacy Games.


BBC – Creating Sentences.


Capital Letters & Full Stops.


Spelling Games.


Describing Words.




BBC Bitesize Numeracy Games.


TopMarks Maths Games


Useful Information

We get homework on a Friday and bring it back in on a Tuesday. We also have a Conquer Maths task to do each week. It is set on a Friday and we have until the following Friday to complete it. We also get reading books to take home and if we read three times a week and bring our homework in on time we get a sticker. Each half term we get a certificate if we have got enough stickers.

We have lunch from 11.45am and can play outside on the equipment, in the sand pit and with all the toys that are outside. We love it!

Year 2 have P.E. on a Wednesday and Thursday but we ask all of our classes to leave their PE kit in throughout the week as we have additional coaching sessions throughout the year.

The children practice their mental maths and calculation skills in Big Maths. Our key 'Learn Its' are the addition of 1 digit + 1 digit numbers and 2x, 5x and 10x tables. You can help your child gain confidence by practising quick recall of the Learn Its.

You can find more information on our Requests and Reminders newsletter attached here.

Year 2's Newstastic Blog!

Den Day!

Year2pupil on: Year 2's Newstastic Blog!

We absolutely loved Den Day! We worked in two teams to create a den design and then we used whatever resources we could find to build, build, build! Some of us also found a few minibeast pets to add to our fun. We then had our lunch in our dens. We were really impressed with the other classes' dens too! 

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Harmony Day!

Year2pupil on: Year 2's Newstastic Blog!

What a fantastic day had by all on our first Harmony Day! We tried lots of different art activities that we're all linked to maths and science through nature. One of our favourite activities was making glass butterflies with Janet Rogers from Crushed Chilli. Here are a few photos... More details of our activities to come.

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Sports Day

Year2pupil on: Year 2's Newstastic Blog!

What a day! The children but lots of effort in and really tried their best - very proud of them!

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Online Safety Workshop

Year2pupil on: Year 2's Newstastic Blog!

Mr Bailey from Animate to Educate came in to see us today to talk to us about being safe online. He talked about all the different things that we can do online and how useful it is and then showed how easily we can share too much information. We talked about the personal information we need to keep safe and what to do to stay safe online. We learnt lots from the workshop and will be doing more work on it during the week.

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The Two Steves

Year2pupil on: Year 2's Newstastic Blog!

We had another author visit this week to help us celebrate World Book Day! This time it was the Two Steves - Steve Barlow and Steve Skidmore. They read and acted out their book 'The Thingmybob' and we all joined in as the class. We demonstrated some great listening and acting skills and loved getting involved. Here are some pictures of the event:

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