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Witton Gilbert Primary School

Reception 2016-17

The Early Years Foundation Stage-RECEPTION

"Every child deserves the best possible start in life and the support that enables them to fulfil their potential. Children develop quickly in the early years and a child’s experiences between birth and age five have a major impact on their future life chances.

A secure, safe and happy childhood is important in its own right. Good parenting and high quality early learning together provide the foundation children need to make the most of their abilities and talents as they grow up."


We are always busy in Reception! The children in Reception learn through cross-curricular themes that are designed to follow the children’s interests and challenge each child to progress onto their next steps.

Play is the cornerstone of our Foundation Stage curriculum. Through supervised play children are encouraged to explore, develop, imagine and investigate their surroundings in order to start to understand the world around them. Practical experiences are incredibly valuable and appropriate at this stage of learning. Play provides important opportunities for learning in many ways; observation, exploration, discovery and communication. These opportunities are developed through both indoor and outdoor activities.

We are passionate about developing the children’s love of books and stories so we do place an emphasis on the children developing a positive relationship with literature. Our maths and literacy lessons blend fun, engaging games with formal activities, providing the children with a firm basis of understanding on which to build their later knowledge. We have regular Read Write Inc sessions, and within that time we aim to hear the children read individually as the combination of these activities is the key to ensuring that children learn to read quickly and with confidence.

Teaching in Reception is an absolute pleasure, laying the building blocks for a smooth transition into Year 1 and it is a joy to watch our young children develop into happy, confident children who feel set to succeed on their journey through school.


Class teacher – Mrs Hallatt

Also supporting learning in Reception – Mr Hunter

PPA cover led by Mrs Bailey

Apprentice Teaching Assistant- Miss MacLeod

EYFS Downloads

We hope you’ll find the documents below useful at home. Should you require any advice as to how they can be used, please do not hesitate to ask. We’d also love to know if there is anything you’d like us to add to this (or any other) section of the website.

You can view or download the following documents by clicking on the underlined the links below:

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework

EYFS-Home Observation- WOWS

EYFS-Reception Class Suggestion Form

Read All About It!

Captain RaggyBeard

R Hallatt (mquiney) on: Read All About It!

Today Captain RaggyBeard joined us after a long journey from the island Madagascar!  He told us lots of stories about pirates. We learnt that pirates call lunch and tea 'Belly timber'. We played games and sang sea shanties with him. He even said that he had seen Captain Blue buckle on his travels. Captain Blue Buckle is the pirate we have been writing to as a class!

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We aarrgh Pirates!

R Hallatt (mquiney) on: Read All About It!

This week we have been thinking about our pirate names for our Pirate passports. We have used our name, a colour and a body parts to think of our names. We have Paul blue tooth, Lily pink arm and Hallatt pink hook to name but a few! We aargh all really enjoying our Pirate and under the sea topic so far!

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Our Ball Photos!

R Hallatt (mquiney) on: Read All About It!

We loved serving everyone at our ball. We hope that you enjoyed seeing our work, listening to our song and joining in with our dancing!

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Castles, Princesses and Knights.

R Hallatt (mquiney) on: Read All About It!

What a busy term we have had!

We have loved learning about Castles, Princesses and Knights over the past few weeks.

We read the book 'Stinky Jack and the Beanstalk'. We grew our own beanstalks and then wrote a set of instructions for Jack to make him less smelly!

We enjoyed the book 'Marmaduke the very different dragon' and talked about how we are all different and it is a good thing to be different!

We compared the stories 'The Frog Prince' and 'The paper bag Princess'. In both stories the Princess is the hero and saves the Prince but they are very different Princes - one did not want saving after all and was a mean Prince!

We have loved making our very own classroom castle with a banquet table, chandelier and wishing well. It has been fabulous to play in and act out different roles - from stable boy to King of the castle!

The highlight of this term has been our preparation and build up for our ball on Thursday. We have been writing a song to perform and have looked at Royal dancing. We have handwritten our invitations and menus and cannot wait to practice our polite phrases with our guests! We hope that everyone enjoys the ball with our homemade Royal punch, Queens sandwiches and freshly baked scones.

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Sponsored Bounce

R Hallatt (mquiney) on: Read All About It!

We had a fabulous morning yesterday joining with nursery for our sponsored bounce. We had to bounce for a whole hour on space hoppers, in hoops, on a bouncy castle, with balls, balloons and ladders. We were very tired at the end! We enjoyed a fruit smoothie to cool us down once we had finished. We have been raising money to buy some new building blocks to share. We will tell you how much we raised once all of the money has ben sent in and counted! Thank you for sponsoring us:)

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