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Every Friday lunchtime the CNS Young Leaders group meets with Steven - our school's CNS trainer - and we learn new games/activities to teach the other pupils in school.  We also undertake training so we can offer support at CNS events; for example we go to the sports activities with our younger pupils to encourage them to stay safe and show good sportsmanship.  We're a great help to the staff in school and the staff at CNS, we set an excellent example and can be found leading playtime fun each lunchtime!   

Legendary Sports Leaders


CNSLeadership on: Legendary Sports Leaders

Today we met with Evann for the first time and filled in our application forms for the posts of Sports Leaders this year.  We're excited about the prospect of being chosen to represent our school, support younger pupils as buddies and help with playtime games outside. 

Fingers crossed that our application forms are good enough to be chosen!

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Sports Leaders in action!

CNSLeadership on: Legendary Sports Leaders

This afternoon we will be helping year 2 and 3 with their P.E. Today we will help Steven teach the children sports and play games with them. These games will help us with our leadership skills, it will also help them with their co-ordination and learning to be tolerant with each other.

On Friday (lunchtime) we regularly go outside and set up games for the younger children. We split into small groups with a maximum of three people, in these groups we play games like: football; capture the flag; bulldog; dodgeball; skipping and much more. Sometimes we even ask the younger ones what they want to play and put their suggestions into play. We enjoy making up warm-ups and games and showing Steven what we are capable of, also the other sports leaders get to do the games and warm-ups.

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Young leaders with Steven

CNSLeadership on: Legendary Sports Leaders

Today we played some of our planned games; we tried Dylan and Conner's game first.  Everyone thought they were really enjoyable.  Dylan's game was a version of 'Capture the flag' and  Conner's game was called 'football-cricket'. We couldn't wait till the end when we found out who had won the matches... they were so much FUN!! Next week it will be two different children's turns to do their games, we are all really looking forward to playing them.

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The Legendery Leaders

CNSLeadership on: Legendary Sports Leaders

We have previously made our own warm-ups. We explained all the rules then we all played them during lunchtime at Cooper Hall. After all of the warm-ups were done, by each young leader, we were told to design our own games. So far, we've played Alfie M-S's game and it was a really fun game called football dodgeball. Here is a list of all the young leaders :

Dylan                Sophie

Alfie M-S           Eirinn

Tom                   Dan

Kacey                Conner

Molly                  Samuel M-S

Alfie H                Leo Truby

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Whoops-a-daisy... blog deleted.

CNSLeadership on: Legendary Sports Leaders

Unfortunately, due to a bit over-enthusiastic blog editing, our previous CNS Leadership blog has been deleted.  We're starting afresh with all of our CNS news.. we hope you enjoy reading about all of the exciting things we do!

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Legendary Leaders

Going for gold....

CNSLeadership on: Legendary Leaders

On  Friday some of our year 5 and 6 pupils travelled to Brandon to compete in a netball tournament. Evann (from CNS) had been teaching us about netball tactics for a term and we were confident in our skills. For the first time ever, CNS had chosen to host our cluster tournament with separate boys and girls events - we selected eight boys and seven girls to play in 6 a side games for the boys and 5 a side games for the girls.  The teams were as follows -

Boys: Alfie H, Alfie M-S, Tom T, Dylan, McKenzie, Zac, Jack and Conner.

Girls: Kacey, Sophie, Molly J, Jessica T, Saffron, Poppy and Dahna.

Our tactics to win were: pass and move fast, take time when shooting at the hoops, find positions in space and encourage our teammates. The girls team were playing in the sports hall whilst the boys were playing on the outside MUGA. It was an extremely exciting event for us all, there were lots of CNS sports leaders we knew who were refereeing the matches and the scores were collected by Steven so they could create a scoreboard. Before we went Miss Appleby taught us some good tactics to make people look like the tallest people in the class when they were defending. We finished 3rd overall, the boys came 1st and the girls came 4th. We all played against Langley Moor, Tanfield Lea and Brandon, after we came 3rd; Brandon won, Tanfield Lea came 2nd and Langley Moor sadly came last.   

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CNS young leaders

CNSLeadership on: Legendary Leaders

On Friday lunch time, we give up our lunch time by choice, to do sports with Steven. Lately we've been presenting our warm-ups, that we created ourselves. each week we play everyone's warm ups with two people a week. We then say how they did on their warm-ups.

A few weeks ago Eirinn and Molly went to a hockey event to support year 1 and 2. Group 1 out of 2 won the trophy and was victorious.                                                                                                                                                                                               

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CNS tag rugby - a report written by Sophie, Isabelle, Alfie and Dylan.

CNSLeadership on: Legendary Leaders

This week year 3 and 4 took part in a tag rugby tournament. The children were split up into 2 groups; group one was: Emme, Freddy-Jay, Keelan, Harry, Ricky, Isabelle, Christian and Ellis. Group 2 were: Emily, Joseph, Joe, Noah, Felix, Lewis, Zora and Spencer. At the end the two teams faced each other to determine who cane third and who came fourth. Witton one came fourth and Witton two came third.

Team one

The first game team one played was against Tanfield Lea we won 3-1.

The second game we played Brandon we lost 3-2.

The third game was against Langley Moor we won 5-2.

The FINAL game we played team two we lost 4-3.

We came fourth.

Team two

The first game we played Tanfield Lea we drew 2-2.

Our second game was against Brandon we won 7-2.

On the third game we faced Langley Moor we drew 4-4.

The final game against Witton we beat them 4-3.

We came third.

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We are the leaders!

CNSLeadership on: Legendary Leaders

Every Friday lunchtime, Alfie M, Sophie, Dylan and Isabelle R (from year 5) work alongside Chloe, Livvy, Becca, Niamh, Morgan, James, Rowan, Alex and Isabelle (pupils in year 6) at Cooper Hall - a community space next to our school - to attend leadership training with Steven and the other CNS leaders.  We are called 'Young leaders', we are training to be sports leaders in our school. We have learned how to lead our own warm ups and also help the younger pupils when they go to CNS festivals and tournaments.  When we are doing our CNS Leadership work we wear purple hoodies. 

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