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Witton Gilbert Primary School

Anti-bullying Champions.

The children who represent our school in this group work alongside Mrs Curry to ensure no pupil in our school feels isolated or unfairly treated. We know how to deal with unkind actions and offer support to others. We have helped to make WGPS a safe place for all, we represent our school by working in partnership with other schools where learn how to stay safe and work together.  Our job is a very important one!

The BIG blog

Love has no labels!

ABCpupil on: The BIG blog

Our Anti-Bullying champions have been hard at work again this week! We attended another meeting, alongside Brandon, Tanfeild and Langley Moor where we discussed cyber bullying, and how it effects people. We watched a video about a teenage boy at school who was receiving messages from his friends, that were unkind. After watching the video, it gave us ideas on how to stop cyber bullies and ways in which you can get help.

In class assembly, we watched the video 'Love has no labels' which showed us that it doesn't matter who you are everyone is equal and you can love whoever you want to love! The Anti-bullying champions then set up a poster competition linked to this - each class had to create a poster with no words, just a picture, to portray the message that love has no labels. There is a winner picked from each class, then an overall winner will be chosen. Their poster will be put up around school as reward for winning.

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Anti -bullying- updates

ABCpupil on: The BIG blog

This week the Anti bullying champions have been very busy in their meetings. They have now made a time table so each day there will be two anti bullying champions wearing tabards on the yard. This should help younger pupils recognise who can help them. We have found that a lot of people are coming to the champions to help sort out problems at lunch and playtimes. We have also discussed the new anti bullying policy and have worked on updating this. We think that no one should be left to fight bullying alone. 

We are also working towards renewing the national Anti-Bullying Award, the BIG award. Conner, Ryan, Keelin, Ruby, Alfie & Joel talked about what they had done over the year to help improve our school. 

We have been meeting almost every week at the moment because there is a lot to include in the award.

Our next meeting will be on Monday 3rd April when we will welcome Spencer as one of the year 4 Champions. We will be preparing for our next inter-school partnership meeting on Fri 7th April. 

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The BIG Bloggers - episode 1

ABCpupil on: The BIG blog

Our Anti-bullying champions work in our school and with other schools to raise understanding of issues that affect children in our school.

We meet with children from our partner schools every half term and share ideas that we can use in our own schools.

We get to go to other schools and we have made lots of friends at other places.

Our next meeting is on Friday 12th February at Brandon Primary School.













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