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Witton Gilbert Primary School

Year 4 2019-2020


For info on how to support your child with Resources for Learning at Home see Document Links 

Please read the letter below for advice on home learning tasks in case of school closures due to the Coronavirus. I have included a range of websites and resources that you can access to support your child's home learning. This is not an exhaustive list and there are many other websites out there with resources and ideas.


Learning from Home Parent links

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In order to support those who need to learn from home, we are providing packs of resources available from school.

The following links to resources can be used to keep skills fresh and support learning:







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Fabulous Fours

Class 4 is an exciting, fun and hard-working class. This is a great class to be in because we never give up and are always brave, tackling new challenges.

In these exceptional circumstances, we have prepared a pack of resources to support your child's learning in case they need to study at home. These include a range of resources that will help your child keep up to date with core subjects.

In addition, please check the links on the letter  to parents(Ref links to left) which includes a range of online resources to help your child.

Additional activities, which will deepen your child's learning include:

  • Practise x tables
  • Rehearse telling the time
  • Practise counting / using / identifying money/ making totals/ identifying change/ calculating multiples of/ solving practical money problems

Romans Learning Log activities

  • Make a list of objects that we would use now that the Romans used and one of objects we don't use now.
  • Create a poster advertising a Roman museum collection.
  • Plan a trip across UK visiting only Roman towns and using as many Roman roads as possible.
  • Research the Roman Gods and design your own God.
  • Design a job advert for someone to work as a servant in a Roman villa.
  • Write your own Roman poem.
  • Write down all the things you already know about the Romans.
  • Describe a Roman villa using your senses.
  • Design your own Roman sandal.
  • Draw a clock with Roman Numerals.
  • Make a picture using mosaic.


  • Learn to tie shoelaces
  • Ride a bike or learn how to skip
  • Make a meal
  • Take the dog for a walk
  • Build Lego buildings
  • Learn how to put the washing machine on & clean the benches
  • Learn how to make your own bed

There are plenty of groups on Facebook such as Family Lockdown & Ideas where people are sharing timetables and ideas of how to fill the days.


Please take care of each other and keep in touch with family and friends!


When people visit our class, they notice how we all work to keep our classroom happy and friendly together.We improve our understanding and skills by working together as a team. We carry out perfect partner work, helping each other to become the best version of ourselves. Working with a talk partner is an excellent way to explain our ideas to others; ask questions and clarify our learning. We value mistakes as they help us learn  and unpick problems. We value resilience and fairness

Our class author for the year is Roald Dahl and we are really enjoying finding out about his life through his incredible autobiography, 'Boy'. We think Mrs Pratchett is awfully revolting (we love her for this!)

In our class we have some amazing authors, marvellous mathematicians; super scientists and hysterical historians! We are finding all about what life was like in Durham before the Romans arrived and how the Romans changed our lives forever. We are loving finding out more about our past and how it has affected us now.

We work together with Mrs Curry, Mrs Bailey, Mr Hunter and Mr Graham. Together, they help make our learning exciting.

In our class, we learn to play clarinets and you can choose to learn how to play violins too.


Our class is making our own contribution towards the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We have decided how we can reduce our impact on the world and save energy by:

  • using 1/3 of our lights every day;
  • switching off the whiteboard when it is not needed;
  • every Friday between 2 and 3pm, we will save all energy we can during our Power Hour.

We have all individually shared the 17 goals with our families and each of us and our families have also made separate promises about how we will help reduce our impact on the environment.

Altogether we believe Teamwork makes the dream work.