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Witton Gilbert Primary School

Welcome to Year 3 in 2019-2020!

School Closure Information

Please read the letter below for advice on home learning tasks in case of school closures due to the Coronavirus. I have included a range of websites and resources that you can access to support your child's home learning. This is not an exhaustive list and there are many other websites out there with resources and ideas.

Year 3 - Important Information

Our class teacher is Mr. Burns most of the week, however Miss Bailey will teach us on a Monday afternoon, and Mr. Graham will be taking us for PE.  Miss Bainbridge will also be helping us with our work in most sessions.

 In Year 3, we have all agreed that we would like to work within a calm, friendly and encouraging learning environment, so we have promised to work hard to ensure that this happens.  Everyone has their strengths and everyone has weaknesses, but we will all be there for one another to ensure that we are in the best position to succeed.

 We have worked a great deal at improving our growth mindset and working with resilience.  Getting something wrong is not an issue and we should have no fear of failure, as every mistake is another learning opportunity.  We must persevere until we get the right answer… after all, even Albert Einstein said that he wasn’t the most intelligent person, he just stayed at a problem longer than everyone else!

Thank you for visiting!

If any parents have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch with Mr. Burns.


This term in English we will be focusing our work around the writings of several books.  To start our term we will be reading The Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura and our writing will be heavily influenced by this book.  Then we will move onto How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth by Michelle Robinson.

 After half term we will be moving onto reading The Iron Man by Ted Hughes.  Whilst these books will be the main focus of our class reading and our writing will stem from these texts, we will also be exploring a range of other books in smaller doses throughout the term.


During the Autumn term, we will be meeting new challenges in topic areas including:

  • Place Value up to 999;
  • Addition and subtraction using 3-digit numbers;
  • Multiplication and division with a focus on 3, 4 and 8 times tables.

 We will approach a new small step, with a focus on exploring each topic, attaining fluency across varied number representations and delving into problem solving and reasoning challenges, all on a daily basis.

 In Basic Skills, we will focus on securing a strong times table knowledge as well as approaching number fluency problems with intelligent practice.


Our topic for the Autumn term is Rocks and Fossils for the first half term, then Amazing bodies after the October half term holidays.  We will be looking at famous scientists, before exploring different types of rocks, how they are formed, as well as the fossilization process and soil formation.  In studying Amazing bodies we will be looking at nutrition, skeletons and muscles, and how they work in both humans and animals.

Physical Education

Year 3 will take part in PE on a Monday afternoon with Mr. Graham and will take part in activities based around the skills necessary in basketball, rugby, cricket, athletics dance and gymnastics.  We will take part in competitive tournaments throughout the year.  We are also taught to understand how to warm up properly, listen carefully and keep ourselves and each other safe from injury.

This is our class timetable for the Autumn Term (subject to change where necessary).

Above is our class Long Term Plan, which details all of the subjects we will be covering this year.


Our main topic during the Autumn Term is The Stone Age to the Bronze Age, a time period which covers an enormous 2 million years of Earth’s history.  We will explore how they lived in Stone Age times, as well as learning about some fantastic historical places like Stonehenge and Skara Brae.  Then we will look at the impact of the Iron Age and Bronze Age on the lives of the people who lived during that time.


Year 3 are very lucky to have swimming lessons at Bullion Lane Primary School this year.  Lessons will commence on Tuesday 10th September 2019 and will run for the duration of the school year.  From Tuesday 17th September 2019 children will swim for blocks of six weeks with a smaller group attending the sessions. This will allow for longer in the water with more focussed support for each child.

Every child will take part. Bring kit to include: swimsuit, towel and swimming hat. You can buy a hat at the pool for £1.50.

Responsibilities and Rewards

Each class member will have a responsibility, either as a class representative or to carry out tasks which help our lessons and activities to run smoothly.

Impressing our teacher can earn you “Star of the Day” or “Star of the Week” award. Sometimes it is for working our hardest but also it might be because you have shown improvement in your courage, independence, sense of humour or enthusiasm too.