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Witton Gilbert Primary School

Please read the letter below for advice on home learning tasks in case of school closures due to the Coronavirus. I have included a range of websites and resources that you can access to support your child's home learning. This is not an exhaustive list and there are many other websites out there with resources and ideas.

Meet our Year 2 superstars!  Welcome to our website where you can find out about our wonderful work, pleasing progress and amazing achievements!    

Our teacher has learned how hard it is to take a good photograph with us all looking at the camera... she will keep trying hard to take some better ones! : )
Our teacher has learned how hard it is to take a good photograph with us all looking at the camera... she will keep trying hard to take some better ones! : )

There are 28 pupils in our year 2 class and our teacher is called Miss Appleby.  We also get to work with Mrs McPherson, Mrs Bailey and Mr Graham during the week, which makes us feel very lucky!  We have a great learning environment with lots of fantastic displays that help us or share our brilliant work. We especially like our star of the day wall; it makes you feel fantastic when you are chosen as the star pupil!

Each day we begin our morning with an English lesson and  follow this with Maths.  Then we have our Read, Write Inc. phonics session which helps us with our reading and our spelling as we learn lots of new sounds and how to use them.  Lots of our learning is linked to themes or topics, which helps us to gather more information and makes our learning really exciting.  If you would like to know more about our learning you can look at our timetable - you can check which days we do PE and other subjects on there too - or read the year 2 Autumn term leaflet, you could even ask our lovely teacher! 

During the year there will be many opportunities to join us at school and we would love it if you wold like to visit.  Have a look at the website calendar or the school newsletters to check the dates for all of the exciting things we will be doing.  We're looking forward to showing you our fabulous school!

Our Joyful Jar

The Joyful Jar is our special place to write down all of the things we have loved that week.  We can write down anything we have enjoyed, for example we could thank someone for doing something special for us, share our favourite lesson or simply say that we've loved learning that week! On a Friday before we go home we empty the joyful Jar and share all of the wonderful news from that week. 

Have you met Jellybean?

Jellybean is our worry-monster, he read us a story called 'Ruby's Worry' and it helped us to understand about how to ask for help when we need it.  He works in year 2 with us, sometimes we tell him our worries and he tells our teachers if there is something we might need help with.  Jellybean is soft, furry and covered in rainbows... he does the best backwards somersaults and only the grown ups can hear him speak!   We LOVE Jellybean!

Year 2 timetable

Year 2 curriculum map

Year 2 Autumn term

Parent/carer leaflet

Year 2's weekly home/school diary

Every Friday we take home a letter from our teachers in our homework book.  It shares all of the news for the week,   useful information about what is happening for our class in the coming weeks and also gives details about that week's homework challenges.   Each week Miss Appleby will share the homework diary here so that our grown-ups can see it if we forget our books or are absent.

This week's Y2 home-school newsletter

Previous home-school newsletters

2,4,6,8... who do we appreciate? YEAR 2!!!

Remembrance Day

Year2pupil on: 2,4,6,8... who do we appreciate? YEAR 2!!!

Remember in November,

The people who passed away

Defending our country in wartime

And keeping the enemy away.

On November 11th each year we remember all of the soldiers and armed forces people who represent our country.  Some people have died or been injured during the wars, especially World War One and World War 2.    We wear poppies to show we remember them and show our respect.

Poppies grew on the open battlefields after the end of World War 1.  No-one had planted them, the seeds just grew without human help.  Some people think that the red poppy colour shows the blood of the soldiers who gave their lives so that we could live happily in our country today.  

In year 2 we have made a poppy wreath to go in our classroom window and we have written poems about poppies and the war effort to share with our families and friends.  We have read about how animals contributed to the war efforts too.   

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Marvellous Multiskills

Year2pupil on: 2,4,6,8... who do we appreciate? YEAR 2!!!

Marvellous Multiskills

Yesterday, year 2 went to Framwellgate School in Durham to learn more about sport.  When we arrived we played invasion games where we were in two teams (red team and blue team) and we had to avoid being tagged by the opponents and reach their 'bank'.  When we got there we had to 'steal' one gold coin and run back to your own bank and deposit it.  Each team started with twenty gold coins.  In round one the blue team won with 34 gold coins in their bank.  In round two  the blue team won by saving 22 gold coins but the red team's tactics were so much better!  After our warm up games we went into the sports hall and we tried lots of different skills with help from some of the sports students.  

Activities we played were:

  1. Bean bag target throwing
  2. Football penalty shoot out
  3. Hockey dribbling around cones and shootout
  4. Golf hole-in-one game
  5. Tennis racquet balance and move
  6. Netball over and under stretching game,

We thought the games were fantastic and we had lots of fun.  It was an awesome day and we'd love to do more sports events this year.  

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The best bit of year 2 so far.....

Year2pupil on: 2,4,6,8... who do we appreciate? YEAR 2!!!

We have loved year 2 so far.  Here are our best bits!

Lara - I love PE when we use bean bags to play games.

Darcie-Anne - I really like maths because we learn new things like greater than and less than.

Jason - Reading is the best bit of year 2!

Araya - I like playing outside because I get to make new friends.

Isabel - I like phonics and reading new books.

Edward - I like all of the Julia Donaldson books we are reading; she is our class' author.  I think all of the stories are good.

Milli - I am really looking forward to learning French.

Carly-Jo - I like doing our maths work too, I think it is easier to listen in year 2.

Mason - I like PE because I like dodgeball.

Ashkan - I love how we learned about looking after the world and cleaning the beach and sea.

Isabelle - I like Read Write Inc because we get to read different books and play learning games.

Aiden - My favourite part of school so far has been everything!

Flynn - I love breaktime.

James - I like our phonics work and reading books like Superworm.

Lexie - I like everything about year 2, it is so much fun and my most favourite thing is learning!

Max - I like school because I like reading books.

Nathan - I like English because it is hard to do lots of writing and we learn more.

Grace -  Maths is my favourite because I like improving to be my best!

Jaxon - I like lunchtime because I like the school food.

Joel - I like English because I like writing too.

Ella - I like homework because we get to do competitions for Blue Peter.

Conner - I like assemblies because I like learning about the world.

Thomas - I'm looking forward to learning how to count in French!

Ruby - I like reading the Hairy Fairy!

Poppie - I like school because I like playing with my friends inside and outside.

Evelyn - I like music because I like to learn new songs!

Darcey - I liked watching the Highway Rat, the DVD was the same as the book we read.

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Oxford Reading Buddy Powerpoint

Would you like to read our Julia Donaldson inspired twisted tales?