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Witton Gilbert Primary School

Please read the letter below for advice on home learning tasks in case of school closures due to the Coronavirus. I have included a range of websites and resources that you can access to support your child's home learning. This is not an exhaustive list and there are many other websites out there with resources and ideas.

Hello and welcome to Super Year 6. Watch our fantastic music video below...

Super Year 6

 Part of our Super Year 6 team are the 25 perfect pupils and the different adults that work with us. They include Miss Howells, Miss Lockett, Mrs McPherson, Miss Bainbridge, Mrs Alvi and Mr Wonderful Wilson! We are hard working and enjoy working as a team.    

Curriculum Overview


Year 6 Assembly

In our assembly, we presented our work about the environment. We shared a dramatic video of a nightmare about a futuristic world (please see above), we informed everybody about different religious beliefs about the environment and we made persuasive speeches about how to be Eco friendly. We even created a song to the tune of Read All About it by Emeli Sande which you can listen to below.

Witton Walk

On Wednesday, we had a walk down the Dene to observe the tress and wildlife in our local area. We worked in pairs and took photographs to finish our project about Fantastic Forests. In this topic we have learnt about the different types of forests, where they are in the world, who inhabits them and how they are threatened - focusing on the current bush fires in Australia. ,

Safety Carousel 

Brilliant Bloggers

Mini Police Litter Pick

Year6pupil on: Brilliant Bloggers

On our last Mini Police session, we did a litter pick. We walked along beside Cooper Hall, around the park and back around the path to school again. We filled two bags of litter and felt we were doing our part for the community. To make it extra fun we made it a race to see which team (A or F) could fill their bag first. Team A won. Hip Hip Hooray!


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The Football Team

Year6pupil on: Brilliant Bloggers

Our football team visited Bullion Lane to play in the semi-finals. They won 7-0 and drew 2-2. Our team is constructed of Leon, Daniel, Max, Joe, Ryan, Emily, Shay ,F-J and Charlie (who is our team captain).

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Mini Police Trip

Year6pupil on: Brilliant Bloggers

Hello and welcome to our Mini Police adventure. On this trip we witnessed the Mini Police training ground. We learnt about how the police officers hold their protective shields and about the police vehicles. Did you know that the police only transport criminals in the big vans with cages in the back?

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