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Class teacher - Miss Appleby

PPA cover delivered by Mr Charlton 

Also supporting learning in Year 6 - Miss Lockett, Mr Wilson, Ant and Evan from CNS.

 Welcome to our fabulous year 6 webpage. We are extremely proud to be the oldest pupils who attend Witton Gilbert Primary School, we help to lead the school as we have lots of responsibilities. Some examples of these are:

We also have jobs in our classroom; some of us help to prepare the fruit and milk for the younger pupils, some of us collect in the housepoints each week for the celebration assembly and some of us do varied tasks to keep our classroom and school tidy. These jobs are displayed on our apple tree board in the classroom, and we change them regularly.

The year 6 class also represent our school regularly in sports events.  We have been to CNS Multiskills this term and have been playing football in a league.  Miss Howells and Mr Hunter help us with our tactics, (although we do think that we have shown them a trick or two in our games so far!)  We have won a place in league two and matches have recently restarted after the winter break. 

In year 6 we have a 'do your best' attitude to life and learning.  We know that it's not a good thing to get everything right every day as it means our work is too straightforward so we thrive upon challenging tasks and fun activities - Miss Appleby works very hard to make our learning interesting!  We earn house-points for great effort or  achievements and we also have 'shiny books' where we collect stampers from  the staff and are rewarded with certificates in our celebration assembly for every ten stamps we win.  Surprisingly, some might say, we also adore getting stickers... Miss Appleby allowed us to choose our own rewards so we have loads of smelly (nice smelling, not stinky!) stickers that she gives us when we do well.  Some of us collect these on our pencil cases to show we are proud of ourselves, some people prefer to wear them, our teacher doesn't mind either way!

We use Read Write Inc Literacy and Language resources  for our English work but Miss Appleby tweaks the concepts to make them suit us!  We also do RWInc spelling tasks every day and our spelling is improving at great pace.  We LOVE 'magpie-ing' new vocabulary... our teacher tells us the most challenging words she can think of when we use synonyms for simple words and then we gain house-points if we use them correctly in our talk or writing.  Our handwriting is spectacular and we enjoy editing and improving our work; 'plan, do, review' English lessons are our favourite!  Our current focus is on punctuation; we're getting really good at including colons, semi-colons, dashes, hyphens and brackets in our work (you might have spotted this on our webpage!).

In numeracy we have already conquered the age appropriate methods for all four operations of maths and now do lots of word problems and investigations linked to calculations.  We're currently learning about the rule of BODMAS; it's not easy but is lots of fun once you understand the process!  Our favourite maths homework task is to play on www.sumdog.com, we've all morphed into super animals on the progress scale already and we are aiming to win the County Durham Championship in a few weeks time. 

As often as possible we work on topic themes; this means that our history, geography, science and other lessons are taught in blocks of time rather than one lesson a week and we love this!  Our current topic is 'World War II' and we are really enjoying our cross curricular learning - Miss Appleby says we are producing our best writing to date - we produce brilliant displays to celebrate our learning however you may miss the WWII display when you enter our classroom as it is well camouflaged!  Some of our lessons are weekly; we learn French, R.E., P.E., ICT and music on a regular basis.  We particularly love singing so Miss Appleby helps us to learn through this method often in lots of different lessons - Mrs Nelson says she hears our beautiful voices in her office often!  It's an excellent way of recalling new information and enjoying yourself at the same time!

At the start of this year we went to France for five days and visited lots of places in and around Paris.  We stayed at a PGL site near the capital city and we even went to Eurodisney!  Most of us climbed to the top of the Eiffel Tower and we visited a traditional French market to practise our bartering skills.  It was AMAZING!!!!!  At Witton Gilbert we get to go on loads of exciting visits to help our learning, we've been to a Safety Carousel day and we've been to see a Christmas show at Northern Stage too.  We also go to lots of sports events; we've represented our school at football and netball; we're especially looking forward to the summer term for our athletics festival.  

We hope you have enjoyed learning a little bit about year 6 at WGPS, we'd love you to sign our guestbook or vote in our poll below and let us know what you thought of our page! 

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Read our brilliant blog below......   Find out about all of the exciting things that happen in our class!   Read our brilliant blog below......   Find out about all of the exciting things that happen in our class!   Read our brilliant blog below......   Find out about all of the exciting things that happen in our class! 

Year 6 are blogging brilliant!!!!

We are test-tastic!

Year6pupil on: Year 6 are blogging brilliant!!!!

This week we received our SATs results, during SATs week in May we all worked very hard and this has been reflected in our grades.  As a class we have done extremely well and as individuals we are very proud of our efforts.  We'd like to say thank you to everyone who helped us with our learning and also to those people who supported us in SATs week.   

Super science - evolution and extinction.

Year6pupil on: Year 6 are blogging brilliant!!!!

65 million years ago different creatures lived on our Earth.  From reception class throughout school we have learned about humans and animals, but we needed to know more about why creatures cease to exist.  To solve this mystery, we researched some of the different creatures that are no longer alive on this planet so we could establish some criteria to show how some animals can adapt to survive.

Of course, we already knew all about the Dodo from our SATs reading test!  Our groups researched the Woolly Mammoth, Sabre-toothed Tiger, West African Black Rhino,  Baiji White Dolphin and the Zanzibar Leopard to find out more.  Some of these mammals are recently extinct, some of them are historical. 

We discovered that the main reasons why these beings died out were:

Animals can suffer from hunting or poaching, for example; the Zanzibar Leopard was seen as a threat to the villagers so they hunted and killed the creatures.  Rhinos (although not all extinct) are hunted for their ivory tusks which are seen to have healing properties. The Baiji White Dolphin died out as it's skin was very valuable; it's hide was used to make purses and handbags.  A side-effect of hunting can be that accidents occur - e.g. boat propeller strikes for aquatic creatures.

Animals can be a food source for humans or other creatures, and over-fishing or farming can cause a lack of reproduction.

Destruction of the habitat the animal resides in - cities, towns and villages have been extended to meet the needs of the human populations e.g. tourism and lack of housing; therefore the animals have a smaller space to live in and not as many of them can survive.  

Global warming has contributed; the melting of the ice caps has destroyed habitats for animals that survive best in colder  habitats, for some creatures this kills their food source and causes starvation.   Flooding can also occur, as can the rise in temperature which makes currently warm environments too hot for their natural inhabitants. 

Pollution - where water and land are contaminated by chemicals and other substances - has killed species by poisoning their food sources, water source and air/land. 

To adapt, we noticed that some sub-species of the mammals we investigated have found alternative food sources, habitats and animals coats may thin or thicken to suit the temperature.  Some creatures have been saved from extinction by groups like the World Wildlife Fund and zoos, who may breed animals and release them back into captivity to increase the likelihood of reproductions. 

Overall, we think it is a great shame that some animals die out due to human interference, and we hope that we can learn more about stopping poaching, over-farming and other things that would cause species to become extinct.

Sensational Snowdog Competition

Year6pupil on: Year 6 are blogging brilliant!!!!

A few weeks ago year 6 entered a competition in the Primary Times magazine to win a Snowdog Sculpture - we had to design a Snowdog using our drawing skills.  At the time we simply thought we were having a little bit of post-SATs colouring-in fun, little did we know that we would win, and receive an amazing prize! 

We've won a huge fibreglass Snowdog sculpture, that we then need to decorate and it will be displayed as part of the Great North Snowdog trail - meaning hundreds of thousands of people will see it!   http://www.greatnorthsnowdogs.co.uk/about.aspx will tell you more about what we will be doing and how you can see our work.

Astonishingly, the prize is worth over £720 and once the Snowdog has been part of the 'litter' on display, it will return to our school as a legacy of our time at WGPS.  We are thrilled!

Sports day leadership - year 6 are sensational!

Year6pupil on: Year 6 are blogging brilliant!!!!

Our wonderful year 6 pupils (us!) hosted this year's sports day festival.  There were two parts to the event:  a morning of non-competitive games and a morning of races.  We were all scoring points for our house teams to try and win the sporting cup trophy.

1) The non-competitive part of sports day involved everyone throughout the whole school, from reception to year 5.  We planned activities with Miss Howells that we thought would build upon and demonstrate the skills that the children had been learning in their P.E. lessons, some of these were: penalty shoot-out, hoop throw, welly toss, throwing rally, tennis ball balance, mini-obstacle course, bench ordering (for balancing), team through the hoop, football dribble, standing long-jump, basketball shootout, hit the stumps and even more!   Nursery joined in, they went around the carousel of tasks as a group, whereas the rest of the school were in mixed age teams.  Each team was led by a year 6 pupil; as were all of the activities.  The children tried really hard to do well in every game, and by the end of the morning each house already had over 1000 points!

2) The second activity was the racing event, where everyone competes against each other to see who is the best at the different disciplines.  The reception and KS1 classes took part in running races, an egg and spoon race, an obstacle race and a long distance dash style race.  KS2 pupils competed in sprints, skipping, obstacle courses and a Durham dash style long distance race.   For this event we were all sitting in our house groups, cheering on our own house teams and working with our house group teachers; Miss Appleby was leading Green house, Mrs Hodgson led Blue house, Mrs Shevills led Red house and Mrs Quiney led Yellow house.  The CNS sports leader children (Chloe, Livvy, Rebecca, Isabelle, Niamh, Morgan, James, Rowan and Alex C)  were responsible for helping set up and collect in the equipment from the races.  Pupils who came first, second and third were given stickers to celebrate their achievements, Mrs Murdie was working (on her day off!) alongside Mrs Dodds to collect in the scores so that we could have an overall sporting total of points. We loved both of the mornings, the events were well-organised, exciting and enjoyable

In the end, it was Blue house that triumphed.  Photographs and more information can be found on the Exciting Events website page

Year 6 go 'Dancing on Ice' - and more!

Year6pupil on: Year 6 are blogging brilliant!!!!

On Friday 13th May 2016 our whole year 6 class went on a day trip to Whitley Bay.  Miss Appleby and Miss Lockett (our amazing teachers) booked us an extra-special treat to celebrate the end of our SATs week; we went ice skating and to the beach.

We started the day with 'bacon sarnies' in breakfast club, then hopped on the coach for the journey to the seaside.  There was some brilliant singing on the bus; we played the song game - where you have to sing the song if someone says a line or a key word from the lyrics. Our favourite was 'Me, myself and I' mainly because we liked the 'woohoo' bit at the start of the chorus! 

It took us approximately an hour to get to the ice-rink, we were each given a golden ticket to get in and to hire our skates.  Even though there was only our class skating, it felt like forever while we waited in line for the correct size boots.  Thankfully we had prepared ourselves for the numerous freshly-made bruises that awaited us... all in the name of fun of course!  A few of us spent as much time plonked on the ice as we did upright - it was painfully hilarious - especially for everyone watching us!  The majority of us were amazing skaters, the people running the rink told us we were the best class they had ever had to visit. We've already been asking to go back... we enjoyed every single second immensely.

After we'd finished our skating time we herded back on the coach and travelled to the beach to eat our delicious dinners.  We all had packed lunches with us, it was chilly eating outside.  After a few moments of people-watching while everyone ate, we headed on to the beach for a quick bit of sandcastle building and tig-time - the wind was howling like a wolf while we played.  We then headed into the Rendezvous café for an ice-cream; best described as delicious, scrumptious and divine.  We were surprised to find out that the café welcomed dog-walkers and their pets, however they (the dogs) were well behaved and well looked after.  As we left the café we were having our photograph taken when a wedding car arrived and a newly-wed couple stepped out.  Her dress was beautiful and his blue suit was spectacular, they made a cute couple so we shouted over our congratulations.  They waved and smiled, they looked ever-so happy.

Finally, we had to travel all the way back to school.  Our journey was delayed as there was lots of traffic, but we still arrived back just in time for home-time.  It was a sensational day!

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