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Witton Gilbert Primary School

Fabulous Five Have Fun

Our class teacher is Mrs Shevills most of the time but on Tuesday afternoons we have interesting lessons with

Mrs Bailey. We are lucky to have Mrs Cooke supporting us to improve our basic Literacy and Maths skills.

Year 5 take the school motto “Working together to make a difference” very seriously. Our first task this year was to create our own class charter. This reminds us that we are part of a team who should always show each other respect, kindness and tolerance. We know that we all have rights, including the right to a good education, the right to play and to live in a safe, healthy and happy environment. We recognise that everyone has a talent and is an individual, with their own hopes, dreams and fears.

Our brilliant residential trip to Robinwood also encouraged us to keep “Working together to make a difference”.

What an amazing week in year 5 Literacy lessons. Our Freshstart group have joined us this week and we have been learning the story of Macbeth and writing a scene in modern English. We all  enjoyed acting scenes out to help us remember the story. However,  Mrs. Shevills got an enormous shock when, on Friday, she told them it was the last day of studying Shakespeare- they all demanded more!

Perhaps some of the children would like to learn more of Shakespeare's stories by reading age appropriate books at home.

Nous sommes fantastique! The Year 5 blog.

Seven Stories

Year5pupil on: Nous sommes fantastique! The Year 5 blog.

Seven Stories was a really interesting day out. We had great fun!

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Anglo Saxon Stew

Year5pupil on: Nous sommes fantastique! The Year 5 blog.

Year 5 have been making Anglo Saxon stew. Our delicious recipe included garlic, onions, leeks, carrots, swede, herbs and barley. Imagine eating this EVERY day!

Learning cookery skills in Year 5

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Pancake reward

Year5pupil on: Nous sommes fantastique! The Year 5 blog.

Year five have been SO fabulous this year that we have been rewarded by Mrs Shevills!

 Whenever we make her extra proud of usthe star of the week is told to put some shells in the jar. Our jar finally got filled up last week. Today we got a big surprise when Mrs Shevills brought in pancakes for all of us!!

We had sugar and lemon on them and ended up VERY STICKY!!!!

Yum Yum! Now we need to start filling that jar again.


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Super Cycling acheivement

Year5pupil on: Nous sommes fantastique! The Year 5 blog.

Year 5 braved cold, wind a rain over the past 4 weeks to achieve levels one and two in the Bikability awards scheme. Our first week was wiped out due to SNOW!!!

The next week it was so cold that we had to come inside to warm up our hands part of the way through the sessions but we kept going....

In the third week we got two sessions in one week, on Wednesday AND Thursday but Mrs Shevills and Mrs Murdie arranged for us to leave our bikes in school overnight and kept them safe for us.

We are all looking forward to getting our certificates and are very proud that we were praised by Colin and Kaye for being trustworthy and polite at all times!


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5 star bloggers!

Year5pupil on: Nous sommes fantastique! The Year 5 blog.

In year 5 we have some excellent displays around our classroom; particularly the Jeremy Strong inspired story writing work.  Our class works extremely hard every day to be our best because we understand that not all children have the right to a good education like us, so we should treasure the lessons we are taught.  Mrs Shevills - our year 5 teacher, is the very best teacher - because we have fun topics and she arranges exciting stuff for us to do!  We also work with Mrs Bailey and Mrs Cooke, they are super too, all of the staff we work with are hugely helpful!

Our favourite lesson is maths but we also really like English, art and P.E. Some of us do 'Fresh Start' to help us with our reading and writing skills.  We are experts in French, (that is why our blog is called 'Nous sommes fantastique',) at the moment we are learning about the weather and we already know Christmas vocabulary, numbers to 30, dates including months, days and years, colours and about the human body. Our timetable in school has recently changed and we really like it, we have lots more time for our favourite subjects now!

Our teacher says we are kind, friendly and helpful, we have outstanding behaviour and put lots of effort into our learning.  We are proud to be in year 5 and we love it here at WGPS! 

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Responsibilities and Rewards

Each class member has a responsibility, either as a class representative or to carry out tasks which help our lessons and activities to run smoothly.

Impressing our teacher can earn you “Star of the Day” or “Star of the Week” award. Sometimes it is for working your hardest but also it might be because you have been very kind to everyone. On Friday you might get the “Sensational award” which is awarded in our whole school merit assembly to someone who has done something amazing!

If the whole class impress our teacher she will let us put shells in the jar. We are saving them up to get a special whole class reward like some milk and cookies or some extra playtime.



We had the most amazing start to our year when we went off to Robinwood activity centre at the end of September. Courage, independence, sense of humour and enthusiasm were just some of the things we had to make sure that we packed to take with us!

We learned how important it is to have supportive team members when we were five metres up in the air on the trapeze challenge, or crawling through tunnels in the dark.

Communicating clearly was essential in order to solve problems to get across the piranha pool and out of the Dungeon of doom. It is also useful when trying to paddle a canoe in a straight line!

On the return journey we found that our luggage now included large amounts of self-reliance, team spirit and confidence too!



Our first reading tasks this year have been to read as many stories as we can written by Michael Morpurgo. Everyone enjoyed listening to our class novel Kensuke’s Kingdom during our “Storywise” time each morning. The Butterfly Lion, which we read in guided reading groups, was another favourite with many of us. We all worked very hard over the half term holiday to write book reviews to recommend novels that we had read in our independent reading at home.

We recently read “This is not a Fairy Tale” by Jeremy Strong and wrote a new episode of the story. It was fun to turn fairy tale stereotypes upside down and create our own, more exciting, characters!

Later this year we will read Beowulf and myths from the Ancient Greeks, as well as our termly books from Read Write Review.





In year 5 we are given a variety of challenges including:

  • written methods for all operations ( + - x and ÷ ),
  • Big maths CLIC and Total recall,
  • The 5 minute tables challenge with 144 questions

We also do fractions, square numbers, cube numbers, prime numbers and composite numbers.


This year in year 5 we are doing many great and interesting topics.

Science topics include Earth and Space, Exploring and Separating Materials and Forces. Researching our residential trip in geography we answered the question “Where is Robinwood”.  Our next topic is Mountains and we will compare Britain with modern day Greece in the summer term.

Our exciting history topics, Ancient Greeks, Anglo Saxons and Vikings, will be great fun and we hope to have a trip to see an Anglo Saxon farmstead too!


In class 5 P.E. is very popular. Sports we hope to cover include: rugby, gymnastics, dodgeball, netball, cricket, athletics and dance.

We will take part in a “multiskills” festival at Tanfield Lea and competitive tournaments in netball and athletics.  We are also taught to understand how to warm up properly, listen carefully and keep ourselves and each other safe from injury.


Dance design and performance

Working with experienced coaches always helps to improve our sports skills quickly. When the activity is dance we also developing our artistic skills. Our dance was based on our topic of “Earth and Space”. We all contributed ideas and the coach, Sarah, helped us to put it together to theme music from Star Trek.

We performed our dance for Year 4 and filmed it to show everyone in our Achievement Assembly.


Learning French in year 5 is not just in French lessons! During the day we are given some of our instructions in French.

We can write the date because we have learned the days and months, and every day we do the register by French numbers. Games and songs help us to remember the names of body parts and Christmas words.

We will be learning how to order food in French soon too.