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Witton Gilbert Primary School

Awesome Year 3

 Our class teacher is Miss Howells, apart from on a Tuesday afternoon when we have the lovely Mrs Cooke. She also supports us during the week in some lessons as well as Miss Lockett, Mrs Ford and Mrs Bailey.


We are simply awesome! When Miss asked us what type of class we are, we said, “Creative, scientific, sporty, hardworking….frogtastic!” (Sorry, our teacher is mad and loves frogs!) We always work as a team and are supportive and caring; we are like a great big family! 




We all have buddies from Reception in Year 3 (some people have 2!). At the start of the year we help them settle into school life by going to get our buddies for lunch at midday. We eat our lunch together and then go into the little yard to play with them. Once they are settled in we support our buddies on trips to the church, when making things in our house groups and when we see them around school.


School Groups

Lewis, and Mia are the year 3 school council members. We agree on issues to do with our school and change them if necessary. We report to the class decisions we have made and take any issues children have to the meetings. We have meetings normally Wednesdays and Fridays.

Scarlett and Joseph, are the Eco group representatives. We have taken part in planting trees and plants. It is fun. We planted some trees and we had to cover them up with soil then stretch the branches out. We could not do this without gloves on or we would get poorly. We learnt about diseases. If the bit of the log has a brown bit on it means it has disease.

  • Snag Group

Lewis and Ryan, are the Snag group members. We help around school to see what is going on. We agreed some rules to keep us safe at playtime. We decided only 12 people in the sand pit at once, no throwing sand around and we will put a sheet over the sandpit in the winter.

Every Monday lunchtime, Matthew and Emily, go to the RRSA group, which stands for Rights Respecting. Sometimes we take photos of displays in classes because they all have Rights Respecting displays. This means they are thinking about our rights as children. We always discuss how to improve our school and how to help others.


Ancient Egypt

In the first half term we learnt all about the Ancient Egyptians. We learnt about the Egyptian creation story matching the gods to their purpose. We researched different pharaohs and their pyramids making them out of Lego. We then learnt about mummification and mummified apples and tomatoes using natron (a mixture of salt and bicarbonate soda originally found in the Nile) to dry out our fruit pharaohs. Also we made papyrus paper and wrote our names in hieroglyphics on the woven paper. We are very proud of our Egyptian God art work which we created using tinfoil and permanent pens.

Natural Disasters

We found out how a volcano erupts and that before the lava comes out of the top it’s called magma. Did you know Mount Fuji has erupted over 20 times? We made Top Trumps about different volcanoes, that we researched, which included interesting facts. We also learnt about earthquakes and discovered earthquakes happen because of the moving tectonic plates. They can form in different ways. We looked at the plate movement using Oreo cookies (which we then got to eat!). Earthquakes can create a tsunami.



Every Thursday in the autumn term we have enjoyed the School of Rock and Pop who came into our class. Our coaches are called Leanne, the singer, and Luke, the guitar player. We have learnt 14 songs. We will be singing these ones at our Christmas sing along:

  • Trouble Maker
  • Roar
  • All the Small Things
  • Rolling in the Deep
  • Shut Up and Dance
  • Santa Claus is Coming to Town
  • Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

With our teacher Miss Howells we will be learning recorders later on in the year.


Physical Education


  • Tag Rugby

We had tag rugby training with CNS this term. We were taught when we get the ball to sprint, if we don’t have the ball we sprit behind the person with the ball. You need to score a try to win the game. This means the ball has to touch the ground with downwards pressure behind the try line. We had a good time learning and playing rugby. We felt happy because we had lots of fun. 

Some children in Year 3 and 4 took part in a tag rugby competition with other schools. We played against Tanfield, Brandon and Langley Moor.  We were split into two teams, we came 3rd and 7th. It was one of our best sports days ever!


  • Swimming

Every Tuesday in Year 3 we have swimming. Our groups are dolphins and sharks. We learnt a technique to keep afloat called sculling. We all enjoy going swimming and are interested in learning how to keep ourselves safe in the water. 

Pedestrian Training

In Year 3 we have done a pedestrian training course for three weeks. We have learnt how to cross the road safely. You have to stop, look, listen and think before crossing a road. Sometimes you have to pretend to move the curb in line with the parked cars. We have learnt that a triangle means a warning and there are six safer places to cross. They are at a zebra crossing, a traffic island, a subway, a foot bridge, a lollypop lady/ man and a pelican crossing. We got an award at the end of the course for passing the test. We all had lots of fun and behaved really well representing the school with pride.

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Frogtastic news from Year 3.

Robot Buddy Extravaganza!

Year3pupil on: Frogtastic news from Year 3.

Reception and Year 3 have had three fantastic sessions of creative robot work. We all had the chance to take part in a carousel of activities. Starting off one of our days with some amazing robot dancing to get us all energized! We created giant robot junk art, made mechanical robot hands, had the opportunity to become a robot and be guided by our buddy around an obstacle course whilst being blindfolded and we used programming on the iPads. We love working with our buddies. It brings out the caring side in all of us. The Year 3's were a brilliant support and Reception got fully involved with all the challenges. This was a great way to cement our friendships  so that we can carry on all the good work we do together for the rest of our time at Witton.

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The Daily Mile

Year3pupil on: Frogtastic news from Year 3.

Year 3 have sprinted to success in our mile which we do every Thursday with our class mates. The rest of the week we try to do it in our own playtime. We do this to keep ourselves fit and healthy. Occasionally we do the mile with our buddies. We have to do 8 laps around the field. Most of our buddies are hard to catch up because they have been doing it longer than us. However, each week we are improving. We are proud of our remarkable achievement.

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Our Best Non Competetive Sports Day Ever!

Year3pupil on: Frogtastic news from Year 3.

This morning when we came in we changed in to our PE kits ready to take part in fun sports activities with our buddies, siblings and house groups. Kindly the Year 6's led the groups around and demonstrated the different games. We had an amazing time, all thanks to our Year 6's and the wonderful weather!

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Fantastic Friday!

Year3pupil on: Frogtastic news from Year 3.

On Friday the 20th May 2016 half of year 3 and 4 designed and made some maths games. We worked in groups to make a game that could improve our mental maths skills. We then practised playing them, to check they worked, and then had a go at each others games to see if they were successful.

Whilst the children were making maths games, some of the children from Year 3 and 4 took part in a cricket tournament. They all had lots of fun. They tried their hardest and the winners were Brandon. Tanfield were also really good, they came second! We represented our school well and came 3rd and 5th. We were all very proud of our achievement.

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What am I?

Year3pupil on: Frogtastic news from Year 3.

I'm tough,

I'm rough,

I'm smooth,

I'm in the Holy Bible,

I'm part of your planet,

We could be old or new,

I hold information,

I help evolution.

By Christian and Lewis

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