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Witton Gilbert Primary School

Year 2

Mrs Curry


We are the oldest class in the infants and our teacher is called Mrs Curry. We also work with Mrs Howe, Mrs McPherson, Mrs Ford and Mrs Bailey too! It’s very busy.

We take on extra responsibilities and have lots of important jobs to do in our class including monitor jobs, SNAG group (that is School Nutrition Action Group), Rights Respecting representatives and Web Wizards.

We all have buddies who help us and work with us for special events throughout the year. This might be in house assemblies; non-competitive sports events, Book Week events, Sports Day and Hallowe’en, Christmas, Easter or Summer events. They stay with us throughout our time in primary school so that we get to know them really well. Our buddies are in year 5.

We work with lots of sports coaches over the year and take part in competitions and sports festivals in our school and with other schools. These are great fun! Sports have included football, hockey, tag rugby and multi-skills events. We also go on educational visits to bring our learning to life.

In Year 2, we strive to do our best all of the time and develop our potential. Please check our Long Term Curriculum Map which provides more detail on the topics we study. This can be used to support your child's learning by talking together around the subject; looking at books on the subject together and possible family visits.


Literacy Skills. 

We develop our skills through a program of work called Read, Write Inc. This is a phonics based approach which teaches children to learn to read and write the letter-sound correspondences quickly and decode effortlessly. Through it, we teach children how to understand what they read; read with fluency and expression and write confidently using a partner to articulate their learning at every step.

Once children have completed the program, we further refine our reading and writing skills by looking at texts for information; deciding why authors use particular language, punctuation etc and using these texts to inform our own writing skills.


Extending our learning

In Year 2, we understand that learning does not stop at school and we celebrate any additional work that has been carried out at home. We have many additional special days, events and visits throughout the year to bring our learning to life.


Useful Information

Year 2 have P.E. on a Wednesday and Thursday but we ask all of our classes to leave their PE kit in throughout the week as we have additional coaching sessions throughout the year.

Homework is handed out on a Friday and should be returned by the following Tuesday. This allows parents and children to look at the homework and see their teacher if they are unsure about their work.

The children practice their mental maths and calculation skills in Big Maths. Our key 'Learn Its' are the addition of 1 digit + 1 digit numbers and 2x, 5x and 10x tables. You can help your child gain confidence by practising quick recall of the Learn Its.



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Useful Links


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News from Year 2

Rio 2016 Cultural Competition

Year2pupil on: News from Year 2

We have been designing our own Rio houses to enter a competition for all of the schools in Durham to celebrate the culture of Durham and Rio. We are very proud to announce that Year 2 got through to the final 8 entrants and are the proud receivers of a certificate!

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Witton's Got Talent

Year2pupil on: News from Year 2

The talented year 2 are going to practise our talents for the latest production of Witton's Got Talent for Monday 18th July. Rehearsals are taking place before our children really impress the school.

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Year2pupil on: News from Year 2

We have been learning about Julia Donaldson who created our hero, 'Superworm'!

We have found out that he can turn into: a lasso, a train, a fishing line, an acrobat, a hat, a slide, a belt, a swing, a fairground ride or even a hula hoop! He is almost as talented as us!

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Sports Week

Year2pupil on: News from Year 2

Lots of sports again this week! We are practising all our athletics for Sports Day this week. We hope it does not rain.

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Multi-skills festival at Brandon Primary

Year2pupil on: News from Year 2

After a busy week last week, we joined other schools to play lots of different sports together at Brandon school. We worked with all our coaches and enjoyed obstacle course, dodgeball, football, SAQs and dance. We are now super sthletes!

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