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Witton Gilbert Primary School

Tremendous Year 1!



Year 1 is lots of fun, we have the best classroom with different areas for us to play in. We really like the library, the construction area, where we have building blocks and lego, and especially the craft area. We decorate our classroom with our work which makes it even better.

Our teachers are called Mrs Heath and Mrs Bainbridge and they help us to get better at Read Write Inc, writing and numeracy and teach us lots of topics.

We have learnt about our bodies in Science, in Art we have drawn portraits of ourselves, in Music we have done lots of singing for our Nativity play, in Geography we have looked at maps and visited our village and in History we have found out about Guy Fawkes.

We do PE on a Monday and Thursday and learn how to play different games, how to balance and how to play hockey.


If we show that we are superheroes and follow our class rules we can get Star of the Day and Star of the Week and it's really fun. We get a sticker, a special cushion to sit on and to lead the line for the day and when we are Star of the Week we can choose a prize from a special box.

We also get points to add to our House point pot when we do good work or help our teachers or class. These get added up each week. We have a Red, Yellow, Blue and Green House.

We love getting stampers to add to our shiny books. We get a stamper when we have shown good behaviour and that we are helpful and kind. When have ten stampers we get a certificate in our Celebration Assembly.

We also have a Sensational award that is handed out every week. This is for the best piece of work over the week.

Useful Information

We get homework on a Friday and bring it back in on a Tuesday. We also get reading books to take home and if we read three times a week and bring our homework in on time we get a sticker so we can go to our Passport Party.

We have amazing buddies in Year 4 who help us when we go on school trips and do our House activities, like making Christingles.

We have lunch from 11.45am and can play outside on the brilliant equipment, in the sand pit and with all the toys that are outside. We love it!

Year 1's amazing blog.

Trincomalee Trip

Year1pupil on: Year 1's amazing blog.

We had a fantastic day on the Trincomalee in Hartlepool. We had a tour of the ship and learnt about what life was like on board for the sailors nearly 200 years ago. We were really surprised at how hard they had to work and how little space they had to sleep! We were also a bit shocked by what they ate, did you know that they used to eat rats and the weevils?

We loved looking round the shops on the quayside but especially playing on the play ship. We all pretended to be pirates, it was brilliant! 

Trincomalee 1Trincomalee 2

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Space Seeds Experiment - 17th June

Year1pupil on: Year 1's amazing blog.

Our space seeds experiment has now come to an end and our results have been submitted. We decided that it was the blue seeds that had been in space and we're looking forward to finding out what Tim Peake has learnt from our results and then we can finally find out which seeds were the space seeds!

Year 1 are wishing Tim Peake lots of luck for his journey back to earth on Saturday too! 

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Sports Day - 10th June

Year1pupil on: Year 1's amazing blog.

We loved Sports Day and were very proud of our achievements! We all tried our best and showed that we were good sports people! Mrs Heath and Mrs Bainbridge were also incredibly proud of us! 

Well done Year 1!

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Rio Street Art Competition - 24th May

Year1pupil on: Year 1's amazing blog.

Year 1 have joined the rest of the school in taking part in an art competition. Our task was to create a piece of graffiti art inspired by the Rio Olympic Games. We used a splatter paint technique and then sponge painting over stencils. We then added the School Games values in block writing. We were very impressed with the result! 

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Day 10 Rocket Seeds

Year1pupil on: Year 1's amazing blog.

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