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Witton Gilbert Primary School

Friends of the school

A very warm welcome to the 'Friends of Witton Gilbert' section of the school website.


We are very fortunate to have had a Parents, Teachers Association as an integral part of the school community for many years. In January 2013 the 'PTA' was re-launched as the 'Friends of Witton Gilbert', recognising that our volunteers are not only parents and teachers but also include grandparents, carers and other members of the school community.


The main aim of the Friends is to raise money to make purchases for the school that the school budget is not able to support, for the benefit of the children. We do this through a series of fun events that we organise throughout the school year for the children and their families. Such events typically include Talent Show, Fashion Show, Race Night, children’s discos and movie nights, monthly cake bake sales, to list a few. We work closely with the School Council to ensure that the views of the children and what they would like are taken on board when considering and planning our events.


Regular newsletters keep the school community informed of Friends news, upcoming events and fundraising targets. Posters are often displayed around the school promoting specific events and the school text messaging service may be used to send brief reminders.


The Friends are always keen to welcome new members to the group. There are many aspects of the Friends from the planning, organising and publicising of the events through to the volunteers needed to run the events effectively. Whatever support you feel able to give and however much time you could spare is always very much appreciated.

If you would like to speak to someone about becoming involved in the Friends please contact the school via the office or why not come along to the next Friends meeting?