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*** WEB WIZARDS ***  WEB WIZARDS ***  WEB WIZARDS ***  Welcome to the WEB WIZARDS webpage; we will keep you up to date with events at WGPS and share all of the exciting things that happen in our school. *** WEB WIZARDS ***  WEB WIZARDS ***  WEB WIZARDS *** 

Download this year's WebWizards application form below or ask Miss Appleby for a copy. 

Closing date for applications: Wednesday 26th September 2018.

The webwizards team for this school year is:



The children will be working in webteams to look after the pages of our school website and to help our classes/pupil groups keep their information up to date.  We look forward to reading all of the information they gather and  share with us.

Web Wizards news

Planning in progress.... watch this space.

Webwizards on: Web Wizards news

In our first Webwizards meeting of 2017 we have updated the news and celebration assemblies sections of the school website, we have taken photographs of the lovely new displays around school from last term and checked that the class blogs are up to date.  It's been a very busy meeting and we are really enjoying working in our groups to check the website is the very best it can be.

If you would like us to add anything on to the school website please let our Webwizards know.

Our first official WEBWIZARDS meeting of the new term.

Webwizards on: Web Wizards news

The first official Webwizards meeting of the school term was very exciting, all of us met with Miss Appleby in the year 6 classroom there we discovered some of the jobs the Webwizards will be doing this year.  We've changed the day of our meetings for a start; we didn't want to clash with the year 3 swimming session!  We voted to decide which new day to choose - Wednesday was the most popular - and we are going to meet once a fortnight.  Miss Appleby has ordered some new Webwizard badges and we'll be looking after lots of pages on the school website, including all of the pages where we have pupil blogs.  We'll also be taking photographs of the lovely displays around school so that we can share all of the lovely work we do, and we'll be writing about exciting events that happen.  It's going to be great being a WGPS Webwizard!!!!

March update

Webwizards on: Web Wizards news

In March the Webwizards have been very busy, we have:

  1. Added some pages to the school website; we added an exciting events page and a page with photographs of displays around our school. 
  2. We helped to create polls and surveys for the RRSA group and looked at how this meant people could vote.
  3. We helped to choose some photographs for the school homepage slideshow; suggesting captions that could be added.
  4. We helped to edit and check pages on the website.
  5. We checked all of the class blogs were up to date and reminded our teachers to update our blogs when we did exciting or interesting things in class.
  6. We shared our script for the website school tour with Mrs. Nelson, she was very impressed and we are ready to film after the Easter holidays.

Most importantly, after Lexie moved schools we made sure that Year 4 has a new webwizard - Sam was appointed by his class -  in a vote led by Cameron.

News update.

Webwizards on: Web Wizards news

We have finished the writing of the script for the school tour on the website so today we analysed the new, updated website to see if it had all of the things on that we expected.  We've noticed that lots of classes have been blogging and that the teachers have been very busy adding on lots of things about our curriculum. 

We're pleased with how the website is changing and we are very excited about adding on all the World Book Day celebrations (we're having two visiting authors, a scholastic book fair and a dress-up day with a reading carousel). We'd like to have a section added on to the website with photographs of displays around school.

Popping Passport Party!!!

Webwizards on: Web Wizards news

On the 9th of January 2016, both key stages had their Passport Parties.  To go to the passport party you need to collect a sticker each week for bringing in your PE kits, homework and reading record.  Each person who does this gets a ticket to a celebration where we have lots of fun together.

In KS1 the children who went to the passport party could choose from activities with play-doh, lego, stickle bricks, potato model making, peg butterfly craft, loom bands and marshmallow shooter creation.  All of the children worked in the hall and could choose more than one activity to try.  Libby chose marshmallow shooters and played with play-doh. She also did some fabulous colouring.  Ella made a potato model of a hedgehog, a peg butterfly and played with the play-doh too.  In KS1 if you didn't get enough stickers you went to work with Mrs Heath (who used to be called Miss Norbury before Christmas!!!). KS1's party was brilliant!

KS2's party was a bit different; the teachers all hosted a different activity in the classrooms.  We could choose from ICT cartoon strip making with Miss Appleby and Miss Lockett, crafts (fortune tellers and sticky craft making) with Mrs Shevills and Mrs Cooke or painting, colouring and drawing with Miss Howells and Mrs Bailey.  Mrs Hodgson worked with the children who didn't get to go (as they didn't have enough stickers) to do some basic skills work.   KS2's party was exquisite.

We've now started to collect stickers for our next event... watch this space to find out about all the fun things that happen!

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