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Witton Gilbert Primary School

At WGPS we have four houses: BLUE, RED, YELLOW and GREEN. 

Each house group has some teachers who work with them and they work as a team for events in school such as fortnightly assemblies, school sports day, Christingle making for our Christmas services and Easter egg decorating. 

House captains were voted for by the whole school in our fortnightly house meetings at the start of the school year. The house captains lead our Friday celebration assemblies each week; it is a big responsibility.  We celebrate our achievements together - attendance awards are given out, our shiny book certificates are shared, we collect in and add on the weekly housepoint totals from each class, we have sensational awards for each year group (as chosen by the staff,) it is the highlight of the school week.  We sing songs together, reflect together and hear about the special news in our school too.

Please see the sections below for each house group's own information.


House captains:

Daniel Renwick

Rebecca Coatman

House group staff:

Miss Norbury

Mrs Hodgson

Mrs Dubre

Mrs Howe



House captains:

Morgan Broadhurst

Lila Naisbett

House group staff:

Mrs Shevills

Mrs McPherson

Mrs Bailey

Miss Lockett


House captains:

Lauren Grey

Lily Larcombe

House group staff:

Miss Howells

Mrs Quiney

Mrs Cooke

Mrs Ford



House captains:

James Kirtley

Livvy Sumner

House group staff:

Mrs Curry

Miss Appleby

Mrs Bainbridge

Mr Hunter