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Witton Gilbert Primary School

Welcome to Year 6. The children will need their PE kits on a Monday and a Thursday please. Homework will be given out on a Friday to be returned on Tuesday please. 

Sensational 6


Welcome to Year 6! We are all working super hard to succeed in our last year at Witton. In our class, we have Miss Howells, Miss Lockett, Mr Wilson and Mr Hunter working with us. We are leaping to success as one big crazy family. 

Long Term Plan


Medium Term Plan

Room 13

 Not only have we written fantastic chapters inspired by Robert Swindell's book Room 13, we have also written play scripts and acted them out. Below is an example of this.

Read All About It...

Here are some examples of adverts and newspaper reports inspired by some very useful Victorian inventions.

Year 6 Media Team

 This half term, the Year 6 media team consists of Joe, Spencer, Lewis, Ricky and Noah. Their challenge is to create a newspaper article which will be shared with the class and parents. Here is the first edition of our Year 6 newspaper from the Newspaper team 'Read Our News'.

Below you can read the fantastic work created by members of our class last week.

The Edinburgh Trip

Sensational Scotland


The Frog Blog

Christmas Creations

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The Clockwork Crow

Year6pupil on: The Frog Blog

We have been reading the class novel, 'The Clockwork Crow' by Catherine Fisher. 

The Clockwork Crow is a mysterious Gothic Christmas tale set in a frost-bound Victorian country mansion. When orphaned Seren Rhys is given a mysterious package by a strange and frightened man on her way to her new home, she reluctantly takes it with her. But what is in the parcel? Who are the Family who must not be spoken of, and can the Crow help Seren find Tomos, before the owner of the parcel finds her? The Clockwork Crow is a gripping Christmas tale of families and belonging set in snowy Wales from a master storyteller.

It has inspired some creative work and we couldn't wait for the next chapter. 



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Diary Entries

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Examples from our Victorious Victorian Diary Entries
This afternoon I was sitting on a street, a disgrace to my family, alone. (Caitlin)
My heart had dropped through my stomach, tearing my skin at every beat. (Matthew)
Walking with the big, strong men I felt small and insignificant as we went down the shaft. (Archie)
As I stumbled towards my beloved home, I started to tremble. My throat became sore like someone was biting the bottom of my jaw. (Lucy)
I arrived at the train station in London, it was cold. I sat at the end of the path and I begged for shillings. (Natasha)
I walked towards the mine with my head hung low. I knew that if anything was to go wrong the blame would be on my shoulders. (Ruby)
I felt startled and scared. My hands were shaking as I held my luggage close in my sweaty palms. (Zora)
I travelled north towards the beaming sun when four giant men blocked the light. I was minute. This was when I realised the truth about the mine. (Lewis)
As I went down in the cramped and overcrowded lift, the pungent smell of sweat and coal shot up my nose. (Emily)
As we went down, I felt hot, cramped and really sick (I was told that if I was sick, I would have to clean the sick up with my shirt!). (Miah)
Nervously I crawled through the damp tunnel freezing my insides. As I exited the muddy hole I sat down and swallowed my cheese sandwich bite after bite. (Chloe)
I could have burst in to tears, but I couldn’t do that, I was too afraid. Who knows what would happen if they caught me! (Christian)
The inspector came round, but luckily the woman opposite me was asleep, so I hid under her giant fur coat. It was comfortable, although I did have to curl up as small as possible. (Anna)

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Virtual Victorians!

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Last week, we had the chance to experience what life was like in the Victorians times. We became the main character in the life of a Victorian child. Whilst listening to the story of a child, we enacted the scenes and felt immersed in this past world. Once we had journeyed back in time, we created a storyboard of the events and then wrote our own diary entries of our experience. Extracts of our work will be shared above soon so watch this space!  


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Very Victorian!

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In year 6, we examined this photograph of Queen Victoria and her family as a source to discuss her life. This then inspired us to take our own family-style Victorian photo. We found it hard to be so serious!

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