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Witton Gilbert Primary School

Welcome to Year 6. The children will need their PE kits on a Monday and a Thursday please. Homework will be given out on a Friday to be returned on Tuesday please. 

Sensational 6


Welcome to Year 6! We are all working super hard to succeed in our last year at Witton. In our class, we have Miss Howells, Miss Lockett, Mr Wilson and Mr Hunter working with us. We are leaping to success as one big crazy family. 

Long Term Plan


Medium Term Plan

Room 13

 Not only have we written fantastic chapters inspired by Robert Swindell's book Room 13, we have also written play scripts and acted them out. Below is an example of this.

Read All About It...

Here are some examples of adverts and newspaper reports inspired by some very useful Victorian inventions.

Year 6 Media Team

 This half term, the Year 6 media team consists of Joe, Spencer, Lewis, Ricky and Noah. Their challenge is to create a newspaper article which will be shared with the class and parents. Here is the first edition of our Year 6 newspaper from the Newspaper team 'Read Our News'.

Below you can read the fantastic work created by members of our class last week.

The Edinburgh Trip

Sensational Scotland


Safety Carousel

The Frog Blog

Our Book Award goes to...

Year6pupil on: The Frog Blog

This young man for his conflict inspired by Much Ado About Nothing including Shakespearean insults.

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Book Week

Year6pupil on: The Frog Blog

On Thursday, we had a visit from Saviour Pirotta who inspired us with his stories and great advice for writing our own novels. In the morning, he did a whole school assembly and then throughout the day worked with different classes.In Year 6, he shared life experiences that influenced his career choice and shared a gruesome story with us. 

On Friday, we came to school dressed as a Shakespearean character and spent the day hurling old-fashioned insults at one another to inspire our writing about a conflict. We also re-enacted Much Ado About Nothing through freeze frames. 

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Internet Safety Day

Year6pupil on: The Frog Blog

Today we have written our own song to help children to stay safe online. Here is a taster of the lyrics...

The Internet is cool I know,

But there are people you don’t know,

And they're wakin' up to see this awesome website.

Make sure that you hide your face,

Another reason to keep you safe,

'Cause it's always full of fun and never boring.

Look all around you, keep details on the down low,

Friendly and polite, yeah, it's the way to go.

Watch this space for a video of our song!

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Internet Safety Production

Year6pupil on: The Frog Blog

Today we learnt about internet safety in a fun way with a theatre production by Barking Up the Wrong Tree. One of the things we learnt was to never share our passwords and private and personal information. We also discovered that not everything online is real and to be wary about what to trust. Sometimes things may not be as they seem! Also that it is alright to share opinions and kind comments but not to offend or bully others. This was all learnt in an interactive way that engaged us all.  

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Year6pupil on: The Frog Blog

This half term we have been reading Skellig by the local author, David Almond. It's been really exciting. We have completed many quizzes about the book and have even created our own comprehensions using PowerPoint with hyperlinks. We are intrigued about what will happen next! 

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