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Witton Gilbert Primary School

Welcome to Year 6. The children will need their PE kits on a Monday and a Thursday please. Homework will be given out on a Friday to be returned on Tuesday please. 

Sensational 6


Welcome to Year 6! We are all working super hard to succeed in our last year at Witton. In our class, we have Miss Howells, Miss Lockett, Mr Wilson, Mr Hunter and Miss McLeod working with us. We are leaping to success as one big crazy family. 

Long Term Plan


Medium Term Plan

Room 13

 Not only have we written fantastic chapters inspired by Robert Swindell's book Room 13, we have also written play scripts and acted them out. Below is an example of this.

Year 6 Media Team

 This half term, the Year 6 media team consists of Joe, Spencer, Lewis, Ricky and Noah. Their challenge is to create a newspaper article which will be shared with the class and parents. Here is the first edition of our Year 6 newspaper from the Newspaper team 'Read Our News'.

Below you can read the fantastic work created by members of our class last week.

The Edinburgh Trip

Sensational Scotland


The Frog Blog

Very Victorian!

Year6pupil on: The Frog Blog

In year 6, we examined this photograph of Queen Victoria and her family as a source to discuss her life. This then inspired us to take our own family-style Victorian photo. We found it hard to be so serious!

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Our World War One Remembrance Display

Year6pupil on: The Frog Blog

We have been making our own black out poetry in art/ English. We used a letter from a real World War 1 soldier and boxed the interesting words to make our own poem. Then we coloured the background and drew poppies, crosses and soldiers going to war to decorate them. 

In English, we have written letters as if we were a soldier sending a letter to our family or friends. When we had finished, everyone ripped corners and crumpled them up to look like they had been wrecked on the journey back to the UK, London.  

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Tag Rugby

Year6pupil on: The Frog Blog

In our fantastic first term, we have been playing Tag Rugby as our P.E topic.We have leaned to:run, pass and dodge by playing bulldog.This warms our bodies up and helps us to play rugby.I think we have all enjoyed Tag Rugby.

By Joseph and Lewis

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Mouldy Montage

Year6pupil on: The Frog Blog

During our science with Mr Wilson, we have been working on a science experiment and we have decided to share it with you. We are investigating with bread to see what conditions mould grows faster on. Some of us used different breads. So far, we have recorded once how the bread is changing. We will keep you updated on our experiment. We hope you found this interesting.

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Spooky Science

Year6pupil on: The Frog Blog

In our science lesson, we have been working with Mr Wilson. When it was Halloween we made a spooktastic scene. We used paper clips,plain black card,magnets and other stationary. Choosing who we were to work with, we got in to groups of 2 or 3. The class had options of different coloured card also gold and silver. We also got to use cells [batteries], wires,bulbs and buzzers. When we finished them we showed Mr Wilson and the rest of the class. Here are some of our finished creations.

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