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Witton Gilbert Primary School

Welcome to our wonderful year 2 website!!!  We hope you enjoy reading all about our efforts and achievements. 

There are 30 pupils in our year 2 class and our teacher is called Miss Appleby.  We also get to work with Mrs McPherson, Mrs Bailey, Mrs Naylor and Evann from CNS during the week, which makes us feel very lucky!  We have a great learning environment with lots of fantastic displays that help us or share our brilliant work. We especially like our star of the day wall; it makes you feel fantastic when you are chosen as the star pupil!

Each day we begin our morning with Read Write Inc, and follow this with Maths.  Lots of our learning is linked to themes or topics, which helps us to gather more information and makes our learning really exciting.  If you would like to know more about our learning you can look at our timetable - you can check which days we do PE and other subjects on there too - or read the year 2 Autumn Term leaflet, you could even ask our lovely teacher! 

During the year there will be many opportunities to join us at school and we would love it if you wold like to visit.  Have a look at the website calendar or the school newsletters to check the dates for all of the exciting things we will be doing.  We're looking forward to showing you our fabulous school!

Come and join us in school for our celebration assembly on Thursday 14th February 2019.  Support our school on our cake day (part of the monthly school non-uniform day events) on Friday 1st March 2019.  Look at the calendar on the website for more information about our curriculum meetings, parents evenings and other celebrations where you can join us in school... we're looking forward to seeing you!

Have you met Jellybean?

Jellybean is our worry-monster, he read us a story called 'Ruby's Worry' and it helped us to understand about how to ask for help when we need it.  He works in year 2 with us, sometimes we tell him our worries and sometimes we tell him all of the things that make us feel joyful!  He loves to share the week's joys every Friday and he tells our teachers if there is something we might need help with.  Jellybean is soft, furry and covered in rainbows... he does the best backwards somersaults and only the grown ups can hear him speak!   We LOVE Jellybean!

Year 2 timetable 

Year 2 curriculum map

Year 2 Autumn Term Parent/Carer Leaflet

This week's Y2 newsletter

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Tales of terrific year 2 - our blog!

A fantastic first fortnight (the month kind - not the computer game!!!)

Year2pupil on: Tales of terrific year 2 - our blog!

These are the things we have enjoyed so far in year 2:

We have learned how to play on the play equipment safely.  Archie

We have been learning maths about counting to 100 using 'Go Noodle'. Lilly M

We have been looking for bugs around school in science.  I liked it because I like finding out about different creatures.  Lleyton

We have been learning about food chains, did you know that all food chains start with a plant? Lilly Y

We have been learning about how to make our handwriting really neat! Evie

We have been doing lots of lovely things with some lovely things with some lovely teachers!  Ryan

We have begun counting to 100 in 2's, 5's and 10's too!  Nixon

I've liked meeting our lovely teachers in our beautiful new classroom.  Mia-Kate

I like it when we do reading and writing.  Aaliyah

We have been learning about animals including humans.  Macey-Lou

We have been doing some sums.  Jessica

We have been learning about catching and throwing in PE, we used the Baby Shark song to help warm up our muscles in our fingers and hands.  Matthew

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