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Witton Gilbert Primary School

Welcome to our wonderful year 2 website!!!  We hope you enjoy reading all about our efforts and achievements. 

We are going to Beamish Museum soon to help us learn about our local area in the past.   Letters have been sent home and parentpay accounts activated.  Please get in touch with Mrs Lofthouse if you have not received the information or have any questions.  Thank you. 

We loved our Polar expedition role-play.  Can you tell what we were doing on each image?  Read our blog further down the page to find out more!

There are 28 pupils in our year 2 class and our teacher is called Miss Appleby.  We also get to work with Mrs McPherson, Mrs Bailey and Evann from CNS during the week, which makes us feel very lucky!  We have a great learning environment with lots of fantastic displays that help us or share our brilliant work. We especially like our star of the day wall; it makes you feel fantastic when you are chosen as the star pupil!

Each day we begin our morning with Read Write Inc, and follow this with Maths.  Lots of our learning is linked to themes or topics, which helps us to gather more information and makes our learning really exciting.  If you would like to know more about our learning you can look at our timetable - you can check which days we do PE and other subjects on there too - or read the year 2 Spring Term leaflet, you could even ask our lovely teacher! 

During the year there will be many opportunities to join us at school and we would love it if you wold like to visit.  Have a look at the website calendar or the school newsletters to check the dates for all of the exciting things we will be doing.  We're looking forward to showing you our fabulous school!

Thank you to everyone who came and joined us in school for our celebration assembly on Thursday 14th February 2019.  Thank you also for supporting our school on our cake day (part of the monthly school non-uniform day events) on Friday 1st March 2019.  Look at the calendar on the website for more information about our curriculum meetings, parents evenings and other celebrations where you can join us in school... we're looking forward to seeing you!

Have you met Jellybean?

Jellybean is our worry-monster, he read us a story called 'Ruby's Worry' and it helped us to understand about how to ask for help when we need it.  He works in year 2 with us, sometimes we tell him our worries and sometimes we tell him all of the things that make us feel joyful!  He loves to share the week's joys every Friday and he tells our teachers if there is something we might need help with.  Jellybean is soft, furry and covered in rainbows... he does the best backwards somersaults and only the grown ups can hear him speak!   We LOVE Jellybean!

Year 2 timetable 

Year 2 curriculum map

Year 2 Autumn Term Parent/Carer Leaflet

Year 2 Spring Term Parent/Carer Leaflet

Parent/Carer meeting powerpoint - October 2018

This week's Y2 newsletter

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Tales of terrific year 2 - our blog!

Super-surprising spring term.

Year2pupil on: Tales of terrific year 2 - our blog!

We loved writing mixed-up fairy tales.  Grace

We have been learning about shapes in maths, it is very good!  Matthew

We have really enjoyed it as our teachers have taught us lots of new things.  Evie

We have a new whiteboard in our classroom; it is brilliant!   Fearne

We enjoyed having a new pupil in our class, even if it was just for a little while.  Faith

We have all been enjoying our reading time after maths.  Some of us work with the teachers and some of us are free readers and choose our own books.  Lilly Y

We have been excited to do our activities.  Anya-Lily

We have been learning about the olden days.  Paul

We have begun to learn about Easter, how Jesus went on the cross after one of the disciples betrayed him.  Alfie

Beegu was the book we have most enjoyed reading this term.  Jack

I like the research homework where I can write my ideas down .  Riley

We have celebrated World Book Day.  Archie.

We like putting things to share our learning into our window galleries.  James

We have been drawing patterns in maths, some of them are VERY complicated!  Lleyton

We love reading our new story - Hermelin the Detective Mouse by Mini Grey.  Nolan

We have been enjoying our playtimes this term!  Nixon

We have enjoyed our singing and music lessons with Mrs Forster.  Lily C

We have started to learn about time.  Lilly M

We have been enjoying our writing in Read Write Inc.  Aaliyah

We have noticed how stuff looked very different in the past to how it does now.  Ryan

I enjoyed last week's homework where we had to draw repeating patterns.  Florrie

We are extremely excited about our trip to Beamish to learn more about life in the past.  Anna

We have really enjoyed our maths problem solving.  Jessica

We have enjoyed playing cricket on a Friday with the men from All-Stars.  Macey

We loved it when Saviour Pirotta, a famous author, came to visit our school.  Ellis

We are enjoying learning basketball skills with Evann.  Jay

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Our polar expedition

Year2pupil on: Tales of terrific year 2 - our blog!

Overnight it snowed so today we went on a Polar Expedition.  We imagined that we were in the Arctic and we hoped to see some polar bears, narwhals, walrus, snowy owls, Arctic foxes and orcas.  

Before our expedition, we had to prepare by getting dressed appropriately.  We put on our coats, hats, scarves and gloves, pulled on our wellies or snow boots and set off to a faraway land.  First we sailed on a boat through the Arctic Ocean until we reached the shore.  We started in Greenland and most of us travelled by foot, pulling our imaginary sleds behind us.  Some of us had husky dogs to help.  One or two of us had skidoos or snowmobiles and they sped away into the distance.   

We had to climb over huge frozen mountains and sometimes the snowstorms were so heavy and cold that our faces started to freeze.  Thankfully none of us got frostbite so we all still have our fingers and toes! We had to climb over a snowy ravine (our OPAL bridge)  and some areas that were slippier as the ice underneath was melting, so it was thinner.  A few of us were worried as the ice cracked under our feet.  

We were very lucky and saw the Northern lights shining, they were blue, green and red tonight.  A few of us reached the North Pole and one or two might have caught a quick peek at Santa Claus.  He was already preparing for next year!  Lilly thought she saw the Christmasaurus too! 

When our expedition was over we all headed back to the warmth of our classroom.  We were glad that no-one caught hypothermia and we all made it back safely. 

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Our Christmas Journey

Year2pupil on: Tales of terrific year 2 - our blog!

This morning we went on a trip to Witton Gilbert Methodist Church to learn all about how God created the world and how Jesus was born.  We learnt all about how Christians believe that God created the world in seven days and also how, if we don't look after the world, the planet and all of the creatures that live there would suffer.  

We then learned about how Mary lived at a time when there was no modern equipment and how her life would be very different to ours.  The Angel Gabriel came and shared a message from God to her.  She was going to have a baby!

We then travelled to the hillside, where we had to act as shepherds and discover that Jesus was to be born!  We loved wearing the prop head-dresses and acting in role.  The lady said we came up with some great ideas about how the shepherds would feel.

Next we were the wise men.  We learned about how gold is precious, frankincense is a smell or scent and myrrh is a healing ointment.  

Finally, on our journey, we learned about how Jesus went on a journey through life, from his birth in a stable to his death on a cross.  He rose again and Christians believe he is the light of the world. 

We loved all of the crafts we did to help us remember our journey today; we made angels, presents, Christmas cards and we brought home a booklet about the Christmas story too. It was brilliant!

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A successful week in year 2...

Year2pupil on: Tales of terrific year 2 - our blog!

This week in year 2 we have.....

enjoyed being in Miss Appleby's class!  Lilly M

been learning about subtraction. Macey

done lots of 'Go Noodle'. Lilly Y

celebrated Blue House winning our class points!  Jay

read a lot of books. Jessica 

been doing some hard work in maths! Matthew

worked very hard!  Anya-Lily

been trying to get better in our play rehearsals.  Paul

enjoyed our RE work about the nativity.  Florrie

loved maths!  Nixon

been enjoying working with Mrs McPherson and Miss Appleby.  Grace

earned loads of house-points!  Evie

been learning SUPERSTARS!  Riley


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Remembrance Day and paying our respects.

Year2pupil on: Tales of terrific year 2 - our blog!

Our class have been learning about Remembrance Day and how this year is the centenary of the end of World War One.  We've shared some of our amazing work in our classroom window gallery and around school.  For homework our pupils have been working with their families to share and extend their knowledge; here is a link to a video one of the children created.  

How trains helped during wartime - Remembrance homework

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Our Blue Peter Green Badge Work