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Witton Gilbert Primary School

 Welcome to Year 4!


Fantastic Fours

Teacher – Mrs Hodgson

PPA cover – Mrs Bailey

People who also help us – Mrs McPherson, Mrs Dubre, Mrs Ford and Miss Lockett

Year 4 is an amazing place to be! We have fun while we are learning and we always try to do our best, we have produced some sensational pieces of work and we are proud of what we do.

If you come to our wonderful classroom, you will see a sea of banana smiles!

Class Charter

Our personal rights are respected in Year 4. We have the right to:

- Play and rest and have friends

- Be listened to

- Be safe from harm

- Have privacy

- To learn in a safe environment

Behaviour & Star Pupils

When you get ‘Star of the Day’, that means you have achieved something during that day. To get ‘Star of the Week’, Mrs Hodgson gives it to someone who has been ‘Star of the Day’ who has been kind and has achieved more than the other people.

In Year 4, we have an effort chart and we try to remember everything we need for school. We bring in our P.E. kits, homework, reading signatures and books. We also need to have excellent behaviour to earn our sticker. If you receive enough stickers over the term, you get to go to the Passport Party!

Our jobs

School council – In school council we organise discos and meetings. We help people learn and play safely. The representatives in Year 4 are Kyle and Cameron. Lexie is also the chair and she has to make the final decision. We are responsible, we look after little ones, help in assemblies, organise raffles and events and put a smile on people’s faces. (Mrs Dubre is extremely grateful for their help!)

RRSA – In Rights Respecting we care about each and every child. In school we help people when someone is sad. In meetings we talk about how we are going to help other children in the school. Our representatives are Kyle and Poppy.

Anti-Bullying – Welcome to our fabulous anti-bullying champions, Joel and Aarron! We help children who are being bullied or who are upset. Year 6, 5 and 4 go to other schools to do fun activities and learn how to be good friends. Mrs Curry and Mrs Ford help us to help others.

Eco-group – The eco-group save the environment and plant trees, flowers and make sure the waste goes in the compost bin. We save electricity by putting green spots on good lights and red spots on ones which could be turned off. We make the world a greener place for everyone. Liam and Nisha are the Year 4 representatives.



Our focus this term has been the Amazon Rainforest and South America. We have enjoyed learning about all the creatures and plants which call the Amazon home.


We have been learning about how humans affect our local environment and have been investigating our local woodland habitat. Below are some of the photos which we took on our trip to the Dene.

Big Maths

In Big Maths we all do the Year 4 Learn Its challenge, we get 60 seconds to answer as many questions right as we can. If we beat our class score, we get an extra 5 minutes play time as a reward.   


KS2 Performance!

Posted: Jul 14, 2016 by: Year4pupil on: Here is the news from Year 4.

Fantastic Four have been acting in the KS2 performance of Mystery at Magpie Manor. We are either magpies or flapper girls and boys. We have had to learn many new songs and dances such as Flash of Black and White and the Charleston. The magpies (who wear Newcastle strips!) have learnt a special magpie dance.

If you want to be entertained, come and see us today at 10am at Witton Gilbert Primary School!


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